Rajveer and Simran have a romantic union in Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai



Tau ji has called the panchayat being the sarpanch and all of them collectively took the decision to break Simran’s school. Her school was her home, her dreams, her happiness and everything got burnt and broken by Tau ji. Tau ji did not think twice before taking this harsh decision. Simran broke down and could not stop him. Soon after the school was dismantled, Tau ji left with his family asking everyone not to support Rajveer and Simran. The entire village agrees with Tau ji and is against the couple.


Simran is very much disheartened and finds herself alone. Rajveer comes to support her and he encourages her to make a new start. They can’t go against Tau ji and had to bear all this. Rajveer pacifies Simran and gives her a surprise. He takes her to an open place where he has done the arrangements of their romantic night. Rajveer and Simran get closer and they finally consummate their marriage. It is a romantically shot scene and a delight for their fans. Watch out!!


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