Rajji's marriage with Soham to have a twist; Soham will rekindle love with Bani


The new promo shows that there will be a twist to happen after Rajji’s marriage with Soham. The circumstances starts changing and is seen from the marriage event when Soham runs to save Bani from the ceiling Jhoomer that was about to fall and injuring her.


Sooner, after this the situation changes further and Soham will gravitate towards his old love Bani. Both Soham and Bani will be together, and Rajji will be seen to accept this bonding between them..Rajji is not interested to go to Parmeet. Now, it is to be seen whether she will act like a wife and fulfill the responsibilities of a wife to save her marriage with Soham..

[youtube id=http://youtu.be/zNCYuEeW3dY]


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