Comedy Nights with Kapil 20th April 2014 with Mithun Da – Written Update


Comedy Nights With Kapil

Guests on the show: Mithun Chakraborty, Subhash Ghai, Mishti, Kartik Tiwari


Kapil starts the show and speaks with utmost heartfelt feeling about Mithun Da and introduces him by saying – dance and fight was given a new dimension by Mithun Da and then welcomes Mithun Da who comes on the song Kaanchi Re Kaanchi from his upcoming movie – Kaanchi. Siddhu speaks a good line on Mithun Da and welcomes him with great fervor.

Kapil says that he always wanted to jump like Mithun Da and says he cannot believe that Mithun Da is standing with him..
Mithun Da speaks his famous dialogue: Koi Shak.. (Any doubt)

Kapil: Talks about old time when people used to go and takes movies with fight scenes which were popular with Mithun Da movies.

Mithun: speaks about his first punch and then other punch sounds..

Kapil: Mithun Da got a national film award for his first film – Mrigayaa (1976).

Mithun Da: He donned the role of an Adivasi (tribal person) in that film. He never thought to become a hero.. After that, he became like Al Pacino in India. Both films were different referring to the hit Disco Dancer and national film – Mrigayaa. He gives the credit to people’s love for his success.

Kapil welcomes him again.

Kapil: says that Mithun Da has done MSc chemistry and because of this he has good chemistry with all his heroines..

Mithun Da: says that he has done BSc (bachelors) and also only the wives of actors looks for the chemistry invoking laughter.

Kapil: How did he got the first break ?

Mithun Da: Mrinal Sen first noticed him while he passed from the film institute. Then KK Mahajan spoke about him and starts looking for him..He then went to Filmistan studio where Krodhi was being shot by Subhash Ghai.. He there quickly shot a photo with a moustache which looked very frightening since he thought he will bag a role of a villain (antagonist). He did a movie – Do Anjaane. After receiving and seeing his photo, the director Mrinal sen has chosen him for a role in the film Mrigayaa and paid INR 5,000 at that time. He says that amount now relates to crores of rupees for him highlighting its importance in his life.

Mrs. Sharma comes and Bittu gives her a lot of respect..He then compares Mrs. Sharma with a hen cracking a joke on her.. Bittu says that she doesn’t keep a good eye on him. Mithun Da says that she is your wife so whats the problem..She wants him to work and do a job..He tells some petty things about her friend and also pulls her leg on romance.

Mithun and Bittu wife sumona on Comedy Nights

Mrs. Sharma (Sumona) starts to speak Bengali with Mithun Da.. They speak about Rasgulla, Mach. (bengali sweets). Bittu says that as Mithun Da came so she is speaking Bengali.. He compares her red sari to a STD telephone booth color. Mrs, Sharma then leaves..

Kapil: speaks that Mithun Da’s character in the movie Agneepath where played as a south Indian – Krishna Ayer, but his maternal background is from Bengal..

Mithun Da: replies by sharing an experience of the time when he used to live and share a room with a Keralite (Malayali). He says that once he slept on that man’s bed instead of a normal bed then that man has scolded him heavily in his native language (malayalam) and because of this he got the feel of the south Indian language and executed the role. And the gender problem of speaking like female, he got it from K Babhaiya. who used to speak, Mithun Aayegi..

Kapil then brings about the Mithun Da fan following and specially from Russia. Kapil asks him about the reasons for his huge fan following..

Mithun Da: Actually he doesn’t know.. He is surprised.. actually it was his struggle. And becoming from nobody to somebody resulted in what he is today. He speaks in English briefly for his Russian fans.

Kapil: says that Russians became dancers after taking Mithun Da seriously.. He then dances like a Russian ballet dancer..He tells that by dancing even appetite can be lowered.

Kapil then introduces veteran director/producer – Subhash Ghai with a big applause from crowd..with Kaanchi Re Kaanchi song playing..Kapil asks why were they fighting backstage (referring to Mithun Da and Subhash Ji) ?

Kapil: also says that both of them have love as they have similar colors (blue) on their shirt and muffler..

Kapil: speaks on some of the hit movies of Subhash Ji – Ram Lakhan, Kalicharan and then asks him about his latest movie – Kaanchi – The Unbreakable. What kind of movie is this and asks for its details ?
Subhash Ji: Kaanchi is the story of a girl in 2014.. He made the movie Taal in 2000 with Aishwarya Rai where the role of Mansi used to cry and very soft, but in 2014 Mansi doesn’t cry, she has lot of anger.. He says that women has lot of power and the role Mansi shows the strength of women and also exhibit women empowerment..

Kapil: says that both Subhash Ji and Mithun Da have started their careers together around the same time ?

Subhash Ji: compares about the proximity of his office and Mithun Da home but never worked with him thiking as his neighbor only but was very close with him..He says that he thought to cast Kapil for Kaanchi.. The role was of a decent man, of a Amritsar guy from Khazana gate.. But then he thought of a corrupt police guy and he even wrote a song for Kapil..Tu Mushtanda..Tu Hain Goonda.. Par Moonda hain tu sexy.. Par Chalti Phirti Taxi..

Kapil: Music was always good from Subhash Ji in his movies and Mithun Da was good in dancing..and this combination will be seen in kaanchi…

Subhash ji: Dance is done from body as well as mind.. According to him, Mithun Da is one of the finest actors of India..He is both quiet and clever. An actor makes it sure that everything that they do is true though its fake and not true. He compares himself as a dream merchant whose job is to bring forward the acting truth from those actors who do it exceptionally well..

Kapil: Asks Subhash ji that in every movie, he comes in for a one scene..

Subhash Ji: tells that on a lighter note, his father was not much impressed by his directorial ventures and he comes for one scene to satisfy his late father..

Kapil: All heroines that he launched – Mahima, Madhuri, Meenakshi, Manisha. their names start with letter ‘M’.. Is this a co-incidence or a fact ?
Subhash ji: Tells about casting Katrina and Kareena as well and tells that he was not fixated on the M word..

Kapil: In the movie Kaanchi, new actress Mishti is launched by Subhasj Ji. He welcomes Mishti to Comedy Nights..

Kapil: Asks her about her first film – Kaanchi that is going to release with the Show man – Subhash Ji and on top of that how does she feel to be sitting on comedy nights ?
Mishti: says that she tried a lot to come on his show acknowledging her liking for the show..

Kapil: Asks Mishti whether Subhash Ji sometimes has scolded her ?

Mishti: replies sometimes he scolds her with love, Mithun da disapproves her point.. Subhash ji tells that he becomes impatient and he is the director.. He tells that actually when heroines cry its actually a good omen for his films as they become hit He cites the example of his movie – Yuvraaj which didn’t do well at box-office as Katrina didn’t cry as he didn’t scold her.

Palak comes dancing on the song – Yaad Aaaraha hain.. Tera Pyaar.. Kaha hum Kaha Tum…She welcomes Mithun Da and Bittu appreciates her dance. Palak becomes shocked and in turn appreciates Bittu sharma on his comedy and then cracks joke on Bittu. Bittu also crack jokes on her invoking laughter..Palak says only girls know how many sacrifices they have do for maintaining body figure.. He says that as palak doesn’t have a neck therefore she couldn’t wears a necklace pointing to her body..

Mithun and Palak on Comedy Nights

Palak says she is a very big fan of Mithun Da and even her cousin is a bigger fan of Mithun Da..She then calls her brother-cousin who comes in and introduces himself as chota packet but a big dhamaka and his name is Dhamaka.. Palak says that he is a big fan of Mithun Da and Dhamaka ran from Nasik to Mumbai to meet him. Dhamaka says that he has a big problem and points a Babaji Ka Thullu to Bittu when Bittu teased him. Bittu becomes speechless. Dhamaka claims to dance like Hrithik, Salman (Sallu Bhai), Govinda.. He will do great when he is in full mood and then dances on the song – I am a disco dancer tune..He requests Dada to teach him his dance.. Mithun Da says that there is not much to learn just he need to feel.. Both of them dances on the – I am a disco dancer Zindagi mera with Kapil singing the song.. Palak and Dhamaka thanks and speaks a dialogue of Mithun Da – Kasam paida Karne wale ki (Promise in the name of God) as a sign of gift to Mithun Da..

Kapil: Shows a LED display with a picture of old movies of Subhash Ji are played..

– First pic, Movie: Saaudagar: Raj Kumar and Dilip Kumar.. Kapil asks Subhash Ji, How does he has brought two big stars together in one movie. ?
Subhash Ji: During the time of shooting, people said that this movie will never be realized as two big stars are in the same movie. He shares an experience of the song – Imli Ka Bhoota He Raju song.. He tells about the camaraderie between them and then realized that movie will be made properly disqualifying other people claims..

Kapil: Talks on the Veer movie directed by Sohail Khan..As it was a period movie of a warrior. In this context, Mithun Da has wore a 35-kg Iron dress while riding a horse..

Mithun Da: tells that he wore for good reasons for originality and didn’t realize that the horse will be going to run.. The horses were uncontrollable during the shooting and the director’s protocol was not followed properly but he had good fun..

Audience speaks:
– Question for Subhash ji..
His movie is mostly based on mountains.. Any romantic moments in his life with mountains ?
She says her name is Monica as other heroines launched by Subhash Ji.

Subhash Ji: He tells that he got possessed with mountains from the time of his studies in Pune and his girlfriend then who is his wife now – Rehana Mukta were young couple at that time..He shares a secret that both of them went to Khandala (mountainous town) and there they decided to marry…

Audience: Asks Mithun Da about his stay and living in Ooty and his dogs ?
Mithun Da replies that he has a total of 56, 4-legged children (referring to 56 dogs), 400 birds. I lived with plants, birds, pigeons and children..Also they have a name that ended with his name – Mithun Chakraborty.. Kapil urges everybody to love animals..

Audience asks: about Mithun Da dance steps and says they are unique.. Does he needs a choreographer?
Mithun Da: says that he is a bad version of Elvis Presley ..Also, there are many pelvis moments in his dance steps and he also used many other dance styles and mix them well in his dancing..

The audience (few young boys) then comes on the stage and dances on the song – I am a disco dancer while Mithun Da is seeing their dance and enjoying..Mithun Da gives them 100/100 for their dance…

Audience dances: dances on Pa Pa.. song funnily.. The next audience dances on Aankhon..mein masti hain.. Socho to.. le lo to sasti hain..

Audience who is from Bihar: asks Mithun Da on his Bhojpuri movies. and requests to hear a Bhojpuri dialogue from him..
Mithun Da: speaks some bhojpuri dialogue..

Kapil then introduces the hero of the movie Kaanchi – Kartik Tiwari and welcomes him.. Kartik also worked in the movie – Pyaar ka panchnama. He asks him, how does he feel to work with show man – Subhash Ji.. He was happy as the title was Kaancha and after some time the title changed to Kaanchi… Subhash Ji says the title was originally Kaanchi.. and for the role of Kaanchi, he auditioned 300 girls and after that he choose Mishti and also praises Kartik..

Daadi comes in the song – Bada Dukh Dena Tera Lakhan ne oh Raam je.. and dances while lying on the floor..

Bittu asks him what is she doing ?.. Daadi points out to Subhash Ji and says she is taking revenge from him as instead of launching her, he casted Madhuri in the movie Ram-Lakhan.. She asks him, Why he did that ? She was waiting here and the song plays – Tum si milkar na jaane kyun.. Aur bhi kuch yaad aata hain.. Aaj ka apna pyaar nahi hain..janmo ka naata hain.. Daadi flirts with Mithun Da and she blames her destiny for not be able to marry Mithun Da as she became Daadi and Mithun Da became Da-ada. Daadi calls Mishti and compares her face with Mishti.. Bittu responds and says that she looks like Misht Dahi he Handi (Sweet Yogurt Bottle)..She tells him not to disrespect in front of his classmate referring Mithun Da as her classmate of school. She spent 40 years of her life going to Subhash Ji’s office but all those efforts went in vain. Subhash Ji asks her, for what reason she need a chance invoking laughter..

Daadi says he launched so many actresses and tells him to launch her and she already chose a name for her – Mouli to be align with the first letter of Subhash Ji’s heroines name. Daadi says that she is a fresh face and begs him to launch her in movies.. Mithun Da laughs a lot on hearing Daadi’s point – launching an actress in a movie is different than to casting an actress in a movie.. Bittu speaks of good qualities of Subhash Ji’s actresses. Daadi says that she possesses Madhuri’s smile,.Meenakshi Seshadri’s waist, Mahima’s voice and Manisha’s innocence and Mishti’s… She goes to ask him what she doen’t have that everybody else have…They (Daadi and Mishti) wants to declare to merciless people around that every women is an enemy of other women..and they will enact a romantic scene in front of Mithun Da. Mithun Da will chosen one of them as the winner. Bittu suggest Mithun Da to enact a coma scene from his movie – Disco Dancer.. Mishti first gives the chance to Daadi for enacting the scene who speaks the dialogue – Iss Tarah meri tara mat dekhiye sahabe Alam and looking towards Mithun Da who is acting in a coma state. Bittu says as he is in coma then how can he see her..She again repeats the dialogue and says that she will become the grandmother of his child…

Daadi then wants to dance so that Mithun Da will become conscious again.. Daadi dances on the Jimmy Aaaja.., Aaja mera sang.. Pukare tuch ko.. Jimmy Aaaj song and then kisses him (Shagun ki Pappi). After that Mithun Da again acts unconscious..Kapil applauds the Kaanchi Team and then childrens from Mussourie who comes on the stage.. The show was very hilarious and ended on a very happy note..

Mithun and Subhash Ghai on Comedy Nights

A Note from TellyReviews : Mithun Da is very popular in Russia and Ukraine from the time of his Disco Dancer days (1982), and in current time, one of his biggest fan is WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum who has watched Mithun Da’s movie – Disco Dancer 20 times.

Next week: Cricket Legend – Sunil Gavaskar and loved cricket star – Virender Sehwag.
Gavaskar ji shares a funny experience of Javed Miandad. He and Sehwag are also seen dancing with audience on the Havan Karenge song from the movie – Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Kapil is also seen to don the role of the judge for a brief time..

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