Heroes – The Fightback Files 20th April 2014 Channel V *9th Episode* Written Update

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Heroes the fightback files

Theme of this Episode: Fight Child Abuse

The story is about Nandita bose, a 26 year old, US-settled doctor, mother of a small girl. She speaks on her past experience when she was exploited during her childhood and also teenage age and how she fought back from this sexual abuse and harassment.

She always have love of music and was mostly alone with less socializing with people. She always used to listen to her parents. She was from Delhi but went to Kolkata for pursuing MBBS studies. She tells about her story of that time (MBBS study period) when she came to her home in Delhi during the college vacation.

Nandita is seen at her home and spending time with her family and young children.. She says to her mother that children never speaks lie and they only speak truth. Her mother calls to tell Kaku – Mr Bimal dev about her. He is a family friend and not her uncle by blood and was an astrologer by profession. He was always kept in high esteem by her parents.. She hesistantly comes and touches his feet when he comes to her home as her mother insists her to do. Her mother used to consult the uncle for every thing and he utilized this to his advantage to commit crime. Her uncle comes to her as she is speaking with a boy and comments that she looks good in a sari.. She says, the uncle always comments on her.. He speaks with her mother that nandita has became old and hence she doesn’t need to mingle with his friends.. Her mother says to him that the boy -Lokesh is her childhood friend.

Heroes the fightback files

Nandita’s father tells to everybody that Nandita has secured first rank in her 1st year medical exam. The mother says it is all because of kaku’s who has given her that astrological help- a ring.. Nandita speaks that if by only wearing a ring she can come first then in that case she doesn’t need to study.. When he calls her to sit with him, she ignores and goes away.. Kaku won the respect of family in the name of an astrologer and the family was not understanding the true nature of Kaku..

At home, her mother speaks about another astrological suggestion given by Kaku.. Nandita says why Kaku gets so big attention and respect in their family..She says that her name is not Nandu as its a male name.. She always used to remember this.. Her mother never understood her and most of the things she never shared with her. She used to write all those things in her diary. But it was not useful as by only sharing with parents will resolve issues.

She recounts about her bad experience when she was 9 years old when Kaku did a very wrong thing with her. He used to touch her with wrong and bad intentions. And at that age, she only knew his uncle’s crime and nobody else. She used to feel bad about it as she can reciprocate her feelings to her parents.

Next day, the mother goes to the market while Kaku who is seen visiting them stays at home with Nandita.. As Nandita is alone, Kaku comes close to her and holds her hand saying that he is not here for drinking tea and wants to be close with her. He says that both of their planet’s position are the same referring to vulgar language about position. She begs him to leave her and at that moment her grandmother comes in to their home saving her from the abuse. She asks him what is happening. He says that he was only telling her to focus on studies and the grandmother says to him not to worry about their home. She didn’t tell the grandmother about Kaku thinking of her age and health. She cries in her room and try to wipe out the touch of kaku from her body..

After this, she is seen playing a musical instrument – Sarad and her mother helps her to play and sing.. The mother says to her that once she ends her time with musical instrument then they have to go to Kaku’s home as Kaku has arranged a meeting with a boy there regarding her marriage.. Her mother says that he thinks her as his daughter. She doesn’t want to go to kaku’s home and then mother leaves with bit of anger.. She says her parents feel Kaku thinks her as his daughter. All these things she used to write in her diary..

After some days, they visit to Kaku’s shop inaguration.. At that place, Kaku invites them for an outing at his home for lunch/dinner as nandita is about to leave for Kolkata. He says that study will go on. He wanted to go with Nandita alone in the lift but she declines and takes the help of her father.. She hates lift as there is nobody who can help her there. She gets reminded of her experience some 5 years ago when Kaku exploited her in the lift (He says to her parents that she has a phobia of lift.). After remembering that incident, she cries… And from that day onwards, she decided to leave Delhi even if she has to stay away from her parents. She thought to tell her parents before leaving but didn’t told them. She is seen with a friend before leaving for the first year of MBBS studies and makes sad words in a game like Sad, Pain..

In the present time, Her family goes to Kaku’s home where Kaku is telling about the astrological changes that are happening. She sees a small girl there in Kaku’s home who seems afraid and lost. Kaku says that is Puspha’s (his maid) daughter. She calls that small girl but she runs away.. She then goes to help Pushpa Didi in the kitchen since she wants to speak with that little girl.. She then goes to that girl and asks her name, and Pushpa says that her name is Komal.. Pushpa says to leave her as she always remains quiet. Nandita asks that girl Komal, does anybody bullies her ? Anybody in school ? Then komal replies that when the mother is not at home, Bauji (Kaku) puts her in his lap and she doesn’t like him and gets fear. She tells that Bauji is very bad.. Nandita says to pushpa, have she ever tried to know the reason of Komal’s fear ?.. Komal’s speaks out all the crime of Kaku. After this, Pushpa cries.. Nandita consoles her and says not to leave komal alone at home next time.

When she heard Komal’s words, she fully related to her own experience of abuse from kaku. She wanted to fight as Komal’s mother was not going to listen in the same way as her mother.. She got courage from that little girl abuse and wants to show to her parents the real face of Kaku and makes it as her biggest responsibility. She speaks with a friend – Lokesh and says that now she will only do everything.. She starts to think and tells that Kaku predicts future for people but Kaku doesn’t know his own future will be disastrous.. That day was her last day in Delhi, and she decided to teach Kaku a big lesson so that he will never think of doing this horrible crime to anybody.. Lokesh wants her to sing before leaving..She agrees and sings with dedication to her grandmother.. Piya sang.. Everybody likes her song and even kaku.. Sooner then, Pushpa comes in there and Nandita says that she has called her..

Nandita speaks to her parents that there is something for them and she has recorded something for them and then plays the recording. In the recording – Kaku is heard speaking with Nandita and is exploiting her while she is begging him to leave her. He tells her not to be shy and tells that her parents are not educated and fools in not knowing his true colors. Nandita says to her parents that Kaku has exploited her since 10 years and Kaku is doing the same to the young girl – Komal. With this, Kaku is exposed to everybody at home. Her grandmother yells at kaku and Nandita’s mother tells her to beat him as many times as she has touched his feet.. She wants him to touch now..She then throws him away from her home..

Nandita Heroes

She tells that if something bad is happening to you, then stop at the first instant. She urges everybody to learn from mistakes and even consider her example where she was quiet for long time and actually that was her mistake. She gives her diary to mother and leaves for Kolkata to continue her studies. In the diary, the mother sees that its written – Bacche hamesha sacch bolte hain (Children always speak truth)..

The voiceover speaks that Nandita is a successful doctor now settled with her husband and daughter in United States. While her parents works for a NGO helping in sexual harassment cases.

Heroes channel V India

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Full Episode Video link: http://www.startv.in/episodes/nandita-reveals-bimals-ill-intentions/64272

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  1. Rainbow Avatar

    Okay.. Redundancy s der..
    Her parents are doing good work..

  2. pari Avatar

    good wu.thnx
    child abusement is very serious crime.i think in such cases parents of that child play crucial role.sometimes child is not able to tell whats hppng with them thats why parents need to be alert,they should know each and every thing about them.

  3. Ayesha Avatar

    I really believe that kids tell truth and what they see they pick that and say.If ur son or daughter saying something about a person who is near to you or a family member then try to reason why does a kid need to tell a lie or why only that person…if you are a parent it is ur responsibility to give protection to them.If they are not secure at home then where are they go??

    1. tellyreviews Avatar

      well said.. Parents should always believe their kids no matter what other says !

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