Sindhuraj humiliated by Pandavas; Shakuni pinpoints Virat's Kingdom as Pandavas' Agyatvas location

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Arjun saves Draupadi from the clutches of Sindhuraj Jayadratha who was running away towards Kauravas after abducting her. Arjun who was blessed with Pashupatastra comes at the last moment before the sunset and rescues Draupadi. Arjun also takes Sindhuraj to the Pandavas along with Draupadi.

Yudhishtir vents out his anger on Sindhuraj for touching and abducting Draupadi and orders Bheem to punish him by death. At this moment, Arjun intervenes and stops the execution of Sindhuraj as he doesn’t want to see Dushyala (her sister) as a widow. In this way, Sindhuraj was not killed. Bheem shaves Sindhuraj’s head as his punishment and also to send this insult to Duryodhan.

Pandavas is about to begin their Agyatvas in Virat’s Kingdom and all of them decides to live in disguise. Draupadi gives another name to Yudhishtir which is ‘Kank’ as he cannot speak a lie about his name. Pandavas deposit their weapons in the custody of Agnidev and leaves for Agyatvas. Shakuni enlightens Duryodhan about not gaining any benefit by waging a war and instead advises him to use deception as his main weapon. Duryodhan sends spies to get information on Pandavas whereabouts but even after 11 months, the spies come back without any info on Pandavas from all the friendly kingdoms of Kauravas in Aryavarta.

Duryodhan fumes in anger because of the futile attempt to identify and locate Pandavas. Shakuni calms him down and suggests him to think on human characteristics for getting hints on Pandavas whereabouts. Shakuni suggests that humans even in disguise will work on things for which they are skilled. He goes on to speak about Sahadev’s skill of being an expert cowherd and Yudhishtir skills in working with monarchy and treaty formations. Duryodhan understands those pointers from Shakuni and says that Virat’s kingdom has made many treaties with other kingdoms in the last 11 months and also in a prosperous situation. After this, Shakuni believes and pinpoints Virat’s Kingdom as the hideout location of the Pandavas. It is now to be seen, How Duryodhan and Shakuni plan to go ahead in locating the Pandavas in Virat’s kingdom in the last remaining month of the Agyatvas ?



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