Suresh confesses to love Bulbul in Kumkum Bhagya, Promo update

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Suresh looks at Bulbul’s photo. He says I love her and I used to go to her house to see her glimpse. His friend gives him red rose and asks him to give it to her. Pragya’s mom Sarla tells if he (Suresh) speaks his heart out then Pragya will agree for sure. Pragya tells Suresh that I will marry the one with whom I will fall in love. Nothing is more important to me than love. She smiles. Suresh looks at Bulbul’s photo kept on the table and smiles.

[dailymotion id=k2DdaPEjviQkeG71c1s]

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3 responses to “Suresh confesses to love Bulbul in Kumkum Bhagya, Promo update”

  1. Rainbow Avatar

    Suresh loves Bulbul nt pragya 😮

  2. pari Avatar

    Suresh loves bulbul…hehehe
    really shocking news..
    I guess they will pair pragya and abhi, and bulbul with suresh. Pragya and abhi its ok…cute couple but bulbul and suresh.
    Oh no they both are north and south poles.

  3. Sandy Avatar

    Please don’t wreck this serial again Ekta, as always. Let Suresh n Pragya be together. They are the perfect real life normal couple. We like to see something natural n real not the same old boring formula of vamp n nice characters. If this is the case then I must say we will stop. We are like 10 families who are talking abt this show. If Pragya will not get Suresh then we will have to stop. By the way, we live in Dubai.

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