Astha to make Shlok admit his love in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir



Shlok brings a gift for Astha. She sees it is a waistband and asks him to make her wear it. She tells him that its very beautiful to which he replies that it is not more beautiful than her. Shlok puts it around her waist and she feels shy of his touch. So Mr. Shlok Agnihotri is falling in love with Astha and also started praising her. He is surely struck by her beauty and wants to spend rest of his life with her. But Astha wants to hear I love you from him and is ready to do anything. The washroom scene was a must watch where they got drenched in water and Shlok was swayed by his feelings which he hides from her. Shlok was about to kiss her but Astha being shy pushes him away.


Later on, she wakes up him and shows her dark mahendi telling him it is dark which means he loves her a lot. Shlok calls her mad for waking him up for this silly reason. Astha asks him to confess his feelings. Till when will Shlok avoid her and her sweet request? Astha is a go getter and will surely make him tell it soon. She keeps on reminding him by keeping greeting cards and signs on the mirror. Shlok can no way escape from Astha‚Äôs heart. Shlok stops at I love……. Shlok will be telling her I love you very soon. Keep watching the cuddling love story of Astha and Shlok.

[dailymotion id=k2BpFAW12p39A46ZcEX]


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