Durga to con Shaurya to craft truth’s victory in Ek Hasina Thi

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Durga Ek Hasina Thi

Durga is adamant and destined to take revenge from Shaurya. She has seen how Payal reacted hearing the ringtone of Shaurya’s mobile which reminded her of the rape. Durga can’t bear a rapist roaming freely and hunting more girls. She wants Shaurya to pay for his crimes and also regret. Durga wants justice for Payal and begins cheating Shaurya, as she feels it is fair to be unfair with the wrong people.

Shaurya does not know her motives and is falling for her. He is lusty and does not understand the meaning of love. Durga is trying to teach him the importance of respect. Shaurya and his parents are very much interested in Durga knowing she is very rich. Durga wants to win their trust and finally break it to break them down. She knows the Goenkas are selfish snakes and she has to stop them from biting anyone. Will Durga succeed in her aim? Keep reading.



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