Pushkar illuminates as Sandhya comes back home in Diya Aur Baati Hum

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Sooraj is very happy that Sandhya has fulfilled her father’s dream of becoming an IPS officer. Sandhya has kept even Bhabho’s trust and expectations by winning the Best Cadet Trophy. Sooraj, Bhabho, Babasa and everyone are proud of Sandhya for taking hold of their Pushkar as an IPS officer. Sooraj brings Sandhya home. Babasa tells Sandhya will be taking care of their locality from now onwards and she will have to play a double role, as Sooraj’s wife and Bhabho’s bahu, and an IPS officer. She will have many responsibilities. Sandhya has to multi task and win everyone’s heart.

Bhabho is happy seeing the illuminating Pushkar and says it was not like this even when Sandhya got married and came home. Taisa tells her that now her bahu is not coming, but an IPS officer of Hanuman Gali is coming, so obviously everyone are happy with Sandhya’s arrival. Bhabho does Sandhya’s tilak happily and Sandhya is really glad to be with her family. Sandhya will soon get her first case and let’s see how she tackles the villains with her wit and courage. Salute to you Sandhya!!

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