Raman to speak his heart out to Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Its Baisakhi festival going on in the show. All the society members arrange the function to celebrate it. Pammi wants to honor Ishita for helping Pooja and doing her delivery. The entire society is proud of Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla was already praising her bahu and now she is even more loving her. Raman thinks Ishita did a great thing, despite being a dentist. She has done a miracle and gave life to a new born which was not possible otherwise.


Raman dons the stage and talks in Tamil which surprises everyone especially the Bhallas. Raman tells Ishita that he will be saying today what he did not say till now. He tells her Thanks Ishi Maa from Ruhi’s side and praises her as she is the ideal mum in his eyes. Raman is very grateful to her for coming in his and Ruhi’s lives. Ishita becomes very happy and everyone listening are glad too. Is this the start of Raman’s love track or is it his naughty trick? Keep watching Yeh Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus.

[dailymotion id=k4I4QIzmhh7zzQ71bY7]


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