Aditya and Rubel caught in harassment case in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

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Adi and Rubel, who are known for their good character and their Diwaan family name have landed in a big problem. Adi hires new employees in his office. Adi talks sweetly to a girl and asks her to not feel as an employee, as boss and employee are equal in his office. The girl was sent by Vikram and his plan is pretty big which Adi is not aware of.

Adi is charged of mental harassment by the girl who tells the whole office that Adi has messaged her repeatedly to accept his demands to stay in this office. She lies to everyone and shows fake messages against Adi thus pointing on his character. She tells the same about Rubel. Vikram makes the brothers get caught in girls harassment case. Adi and Rubel are left stunned knowing that the girl can do this. They wonder why she is doing this. Vikram plays his cards and tells them that it is him who is doing all this. Vikram promises them that he will not spare them. Will Adi and Rubel get the charges off them? Keep reading.





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