Akash and Poonam to repay the big loan in Ek Ghar Banaunga

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Mr. Mittal is a big business associate and was spotted by Akash. He asks Akash to make a presentation and if he is convinced by him, then he will be giving him the event function of his daughter’s marriage. Akash feels he is lucky to get such a big contract and informs Poonam the same. Poonam talks to the family and requests them to believe in Akash and give him one last chance. Even Akash is losing his confidence, but it is Poonam who supports him.

They make the presentation and go to meet Mt. Mittal. Akash gets scared and is unable to speak. Poonam starts the presentation on his behalf and Mr. Mittal likes it a lot. He comes to know about Akash did a big fraud and is confused. He asks Akash to do the event on credit and he will not give him any advance. Poonam and Akash are shocked. What will Akash do now? Keep reading.





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