Kauravas to engage in war against Virat after Keechak's death; Arjun to defend the attack by defeating Kauravas

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Pandavas realize their plan of giving punishment to Keechak for insulting Draupadi by killing him. Bheem fights with Keechak and kills him while taking the help of Arjun (Brihannala) who produces drum sounds and dance to nullify the fight sounds between them. In this way, Bheem kills Keechak with Arjun’s help that made sure Duryodan and Shakuni to arrive late at the fight scene after Keechak’s death.

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Even after Duryodhan explains the reason of Keechak’s death to Raja Virat. Virat is no no mood to find and arrest Pandavas and tells them to leave his Kingdom by next morning. After hearing this, Duryodhan threatens Virat to prepare for an attack from Hastinapur’s army in the coming days and leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Pandavas anxiously waits to meet Raja Virat. They then meets Virat and gives their full unconditional support in the war against Kauravas and promises to protect him even if their identities are revealed. They say that the reason of this war is – Duryodhan’s wants to reveal their identities before the end of Agyatvas, and thus Duryodhan is in haste for a war.

Duryodhan and Shakuni convinces Bhishma and gets permission to attack Raja Virat’s Matsya kingdom. It will be seen that Brihannala (Arjun) will help Prince Uttar by acting as his chariot-rider and also going to reveal himself and Pandavas to Uttar so as to usher confidence in Uttar. Since, this war will be on the last day of Agyatvas, therefore Brihannala will make sure that they will win the war against Kauravas and drive them out of Matsya’s kingdom without revealing her true identity of Arjun. Stay tuned to Mahabharat on this development tomorrow – 24th April on Star Plus.



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