Astha shocked to see Niranjan's ugly side in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Astha hears some noise and peeps in Niranjan’s room. She sees Niranjan beating Anjali badly. Niranjan scolds and slaps Anjali for not teaching responsibility to her daughter in law Sojal. Astha says, baba you raised your hand on Sasu bai. Anjali cries. Niranjan says, there is no importance of Maayka after marriage. Astha gets shocked. She says, I won’t let him torture Anjali. She determines to bring Niranjan’s ugly side infront of everyone. Niranjan looks on. Stay tuned to watch the episode on April 26th.

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  1. it will be not easy for astha bcoz shlok believes his father more than himself.niranjan has two faces he always show that he is good person but he uses anjali everytime to mould situation as per his wish and everytime anjali is misunderstood.i think in swati’s case also he is real culprit but put all blame on anjali so that shlok dont hate one two scenes it is shown that kaka is saying to anjali that earlier u were not like this u have changed and became so rude aur purani anjali ko apne kahi daba ke rakha hai.i think anjali ki koi majburi hogi so she behaves so strictly and rudely with everyone.niranjan is very influencial person.

  2. Omg finally his ugly true face will be revealed, god been waiting for this since day one. I love This show so much man, thank god they created season 2! All those haters that are still hung up on season 1, get a life and give this show a chance. It’s effing fantastic, the cast is so damn good too!

  3. Totally agree with you arora, this show is worth giving a chance to. At first when I heard season 2 was starting but with a complete different cast, I was really annoyed too, I was a big fan of season 1. But my family started to watch it and eventually I got drawn into it too. The story line, the chemistry between ashlok and the cast members are all great! This is equally as great as the 1st season, I would recommend it to anyone to watch it:D


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