Ishq Kills 27th April 2014 Episode 11 Sneak Peek – When love makes one a dangerous stalker

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Ishq Kills 13th April Episode 9

The story is about Aryan and Urvashi. Aryan is a successful movie star but not the same in his personal life where he has failed. Urvashi is a beautiful daughter of a business magnate. When Aryan meets Urvashi, both falls in love with each other and develops a close bond.

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Sooner, Urvashi starts to become obsessive for Aryan and then begins stalking him. This is the backdrop of this week’s Ishq Kills. Certainly, the story has more than this. Stay tuned to Ishq Kills this Sunday at 10 PM IST on Star Plus.

Images credit: Star Plus Gallery of Ishq Kills

Info on cast: The role of Urvashi is played by an actress – Harsha Khandeparkar



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