Comedy Nights with Kapil 26th April 2014 with Sunil Gavaskar – Written Update


Comedy Nights With Kapil

Guests on the show: Cricket Legend- Sunil Gavaskar and loved Cricket Star- Virender Sehwag.


Siddhu starts the show and welcomes all and says that he has given Kapil rest for today. Siddhu talks about his cricket fraternity and then wants to invite somebody from cricket spectrum on the show. He then welcomes cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar by saying – about Siddhu’s own childhood days when he was in awe of a great player referring to Gavaskar Ji and calls him as Sikandar. He welcomes Sunil Gavaskar who comes on the show with cheer girls and Kapil comes along with him as well.

Kapil welcomes Gavaskar Ji by calling him the fiercest batsman and thanks Siddhu as well.

Kapil asks him whether he got fear of bowlers?
Gavaskar Ji: He didn’t have fear of bowlers and didn’t wear a helmet because there is nothing inside..invoking a laughter..

Kapil: mentions to him about breaking Don Bradman’s record of 29 test centuries. Speaks that he has made 10,000 runs and 34 centuries surpassing Bradman, then asks whether he has ever thought to come on his show..

Gavaskar Ji: responds that if he doesn’t have those 34 centuries and 10,000 runs then whether he would have been present here? referring to his record and name making him what he is today.

Kapil tells audience that when Gavaskar ji was born, there was a twist in his life.

Gavaskar Ji: He tells that when he was 2 days old and his family were were in a general ward. Sooner, there was a mistake in the hospital and he was mistaken to be a fisherwomen’s child but thanks to his uncle he was noticed and was taken back with his family. He says that one moment of being a fisherwomen’s child helped him to deal with deliveries though he fished some of them on the off stumps and was out.

Kapil says that Gavaskar is a Master and then welcomes Virender Sehwag by referring him as Blaster. Girls comes in and does Aarti Puja and garlanding to him. Kapil welcomes Sehwag and when he asks why this special treatment.. He tells that he did it because in Sehwag’s time there was no Aarti as matches were having more glamour – cheer leaders.

Kapil with Gavaskar and Sehwag

He compares Sehwag’s batting style to Sunny Deol aura. He is the only batsman who scored 300 runs twice and Sachin has commented that he is the only one who will score a 6 for reaching 300..

Kapil: asks him does anybody tell him the difference among 20/20, one-day or test-match?
Sehwag: Before it was one game and red ball was used. But now all formats are different and easily noticed thanks to clothes and balls. Thus, easy to differentiate the format.

Kapil: says that Sehwag was around 15 years old when he decided to play cricket..

Sehwag: Talks about 1992 cricket world cup played in Australia/New Zealand and he used to watch it on TV very early in morning at 3 am. From that time, he used to emulate Sachin and also during his earlier days but later realize that it is better to play as sehwag since it is not possible to become second Sachin..

Sehwag: A reporter asks him the similarities between him and sachin..
He tells that heights and physical characteristics are same but only difference is in bank balance..

kapil says that when Sehwag goes to bat both our team and the opponent are stressed – own team is worried thinking about him getting out while the opponents thinks of the opposite.

Raju (the servant) comes in and touches Gavaskar Ji’s feet. Bittu tells Raju to bring tea and gets reply that they don’t have tea.. Raju wants to join for playing cricket. Raju asks that he is being told to make Rotis without wheat flour. He then shows Babaji ka Thullu to Bittu. Gavaskar then steps in and tells its equivalent in marathi – Nana Babaji Chitan. Raju asks sehwag why he puts lot of anger on the bowl.. He wants to work as a extra player and requests Sehwag. He gives an analogy and says that as he is able to extract milk from wooden goat then, Isn’t that difficult to work as extra player? Raju then leaves..

Kapil: says Cricket has the craze all over the world..
Gavaskar Ji: speaks of his reason of not wearing helmet i.e. to see and eye girls..

Kapil: Asks and wants to listen about his experience with girls..
Gavaskar Ji: His style was slow and refers that Sehwag style has lots of excitement..
Kapil responds that now he knows that gavaskar ji also tells lies..

Kapil: asks about any experience with a crazy fan..
Sehwag: Tells that there are many fans but they leave stars after some time. He married early at a young age of 23 years so as to not get distracted. He says that he doesn’t go for parties and watches CNWK only when he didn’t get sleep.

Siddhu says that Sehwag didn’t get pressure. Siddhu speaks about Sehwag’s experience in Pakistan where Shoaib Akhtar was referring to him as Najafgarh ke kasai when both were challenging each other.

Gavaskar Ji wants to share a secret about Siddu. Siddhu got his Test debut in 1983 but was not selected for the next 4 years though he was playing nicely in domestic circuit. He discloses the reason of Siddhu not being selected, and says that during his debut test, he didn’t changed his dress for 5 days and because of this he was dropped for 4 years.

Kapil welcomes Siddhu on stage and reverses their role. Siddhu goes and sit with Gavaskar ji and Sehwag while kapil sits on Siddhu’s seat and dons his role.

Siddhu: He wants Gavaskar ji to share an experience about Javed Miandad.

Gavaskar Ji: speaks about an Indian bowler who was making a comeback and the test match was in Bangalore. The bowler was dangerous as the bowl was turning. Javed Miandad has a strong psyche and wants to make the bowler nervous.. Therefore, he started teasing the bowler after some balls and then Indian wicketkeeper Syed Kirmani and Gavaskar ji didn’t want to interfere. When the bowler asks him why does he need his room number, he got a reply from Javed Miandad that he wants to hit a six to his room. The bowler changed the strategy and moved from round the wicket to Javed miandad. It was a test match and not a charity match and the umpire later interfered to stop the batsman’s dialgoue with the bowler.

Kapil asks Siddhu to share an experience about seeing somewhere at the Sun. Siddhu responds that sometime people copy without thinking. He used to watch Kapil Dev who used to stare at sun after a day’s workout. When he tried to copy Kapil, his pant broke with a deafening sound. And he thought that nobody will see so he just cover the broken pant with his shirt. But later while he was batting realized that the wicket keeper behind commented on his broken pant..

Virender Sehwag says that on the cricket field there are only few laughable moments. He shares an experience with Michael Clarke. Michael was sledging Sachin. Sehwag went to Michael clarke and said the person whom you are sledging (referring to Sachin) has 24 hundreds in both Tests and One-days. He advised him to make that record and then sledge. Michael did not listen and then he went again and call his nickname- Pub and then asked him about his breed and only after Michael stopped doing sledging.

Siddhu speaks on Kapil dev’s english skills at that time in 1980’s and says that Kapil Dev and Yashpal sharma used to fight on english. Siddhu shares an experience of his first test match in Ahmedabad where Kapil dev got 9 wickets and the foreign media arrived there impressed with Kapil. There was a rest day between test matches and a press conference was called. Both went to the press meet to attend journalists. Some of the questions were – Why the country of 1 Billion cannot produce another Kapil Dev ? Kapil dev responded – Ladies and Gentleman.. My mother is very old and father died so you cannot produce another Kapil dev invoking a laughter and putting a full stop to questions from media

Siddhu and Gavaskar

Gavaskar ji says that Ahmedabad was the first test match for Siddhu and reminds him that there was a rest day so why he didn’t wash his clothes going back to his first conversation why Siddhu was dropped for 4 years. Gavaskar Ji says that openers are different as they face fast bowlers and start with conditions unknown to them. He cites Kris Srikkanth as the most superstitious opener.. They were playing in england and at that time Ian Botham was dropped. Gavaskar ji and Kris srikkanth were openers and sky was overshadowed with no sun. Kris Srikkanth was looking at the sky and wanted to have sun… During that same moment, a streaker girl came on the pitch naked with the message – Bring back Botham on her body and she ran as she was a supporter of Ian Botham.. She wore high-heels and Gavaskar ji wanted her to go and Kris Srikkanth – a tamil brahmin with much hesitancy managed to see her. After that, he hit bowlers a lot and Gavaskar went to him and told Is this your secret ?

Kapil says that all these experiences are so enchanting and impressive and after he and Siddhu revert back to their original roles.

Gavaskar ji says that Siddhu was media shy always before and he didn’t used to speak during team meetings. Gavaskar ji is surprised on this big change for Siddhu.. Kapil says that Siddhu knows politics, bollywood, Hollywood, everything. Siddhu says that he had fear during those days and cites his example of college days as well. Then, he did self-introspection and connected with his soul and did meditation that brought him the self confidence and says only thinking is the most important thing.

Kapil asks Sehwag whether his english improved after playing cricket?

Sehwag: talks about his under-19 tour with Harbhajan singh and Kris Srikkanth was the coach. They used to find corners so that nobody comes in to speak with them in english. But later they realized that you need to speak english during the man of the match and other ceremonies and learnt english.

Kapil speaks on Sehwag’s International school..

Sehwag: After winning 2011 world cup, he opened the school and it has lots of sports facilities. He is thankful to the former CM of Haryana – Bhoopinder Singh Hooda. He got 22 acres land in Jhajjar. Jhajjar is his ancestral village where her parents used to stay.. He has also opened the academy and then informs about the school website ( for enquiring..

Bua comes in and says that she is not Bua and also she heard about the academy. She calls herself as Bubli..She goes and sit close to Gavaskar ji and Sehwag. And she wants to become a teacher in Sehwag;s school. She says she is herself like cricket..

Bittu wants Sehwag to asks some cricket related questions to Bua:
– Sehwag asks her does she know Gully in cricket ?
Bua: All the big people of Galli (street) knows her. Gavskar explains to her what’s a cricket gully really means.

Gavaskar Ji: Asks, does she knew Doosra ?
Kapil: Asks about long drive ?
Bua: tells that she wants to go on a long drive with Gavaskar ji.

Bua then requests Gavaskar ji to teach her Cricket.. He teaches her first cover drive, and then long drive and tells her to learn the hook from Sehwag. Bua asks whether her eyes are good. Gavaskar ji admires her eyes and Sehwag tells she is like his mother.. Bua becomes angry with Sehwag. She wants to go on a long drive with Gavaskar Ji. He says that why doesn’t she looks at an eligible candidate at home – Siddhu, a punjabi guy who wears gold watch.. Bua then leaves from there.

Kapil says that Sehwag drinks a lot of milk and informs that when sehwag came, the goat ran away invoking a laughter.

Kapil says that there is one more dimension in Gavaskar ji’s life which is an organization – CHAMPS. .He says that former medal owners from commonwealth, asian and other games are not in good conditions now and he wanted to help them and so he created CHAMPS. CHAMPS is an acronym for – CARING HELPING ASSISTING MOTIVATING PROMOTING SPORTSPERSONS. Siddhu says that gavaskar ji never disclosed to anybody and showers lot of respect..

Audience speaks:
The audience name is also Navjot:
Fan of Indian cricket and Siddhu, who got a name Navjot when he was some 6 to 7 years old.
Kapil says that he was born in 1981 and after India’s 1983 world cup victory, he was given the name kapil by his parents.

Siddhu: speaks on his nickname ‘Sherry’ which means Ladies wine.

Audience wants Gavaskar ji to do mimicry of Siddhu and any West Indies player:

Gavaskar Ji: mimics Siddu style of walking and dancing.. He shares an experience of 1983 with west indies team. He made a request to go on number 4 instead of opening. He went to bat at number 4 position. West Indies bowler Malcom marshall was bowling and on first two balls – Anshuman Gaekwad and Dilip Vengsarkar were out and the hatrick ball was faced by Gavaskar ji and he saved it. Vivian Richards was going from slip to other side and said to him the score is still 0 in a very different way. Gavaskar ji mimics that Viv Richard’s dialogue.

Audience asks Virender Sehwag about his innings of 294 runs and then a six to reach 300 runs against Pakistan, How does he felt at that time ?

Sehwag: He says that at that time he never thought he will come to attend Kapil’s show in future. He waited until 295 runs as Sachin told him to do so and then he decided to hit a six only if bowler Saqlain Mushtaq bowls. He tells at that time field position was not important for him. He hit a six and reached 300 runs and hugged Sachin. Gavaskar Ji and Siddu bows to him and says that nobody can imagine hitting a six at 295 runs..

Audience: Amar from Patna wants to do a victory dance..
Amar then comes and dances with Sehwag and gavaskar ji on the song – Havan Karenge song from the movie – Bhaag Milkha Bhaag..Amar works as a software engineer in Mumbai..

Audience: Nitesh, a big fan of cricket stars and wants to do a mimicry of cricket stars. He comes on the stage and does the mimicry.

First of Sehwag: He enacts Sehwag’s posture while hitting a shot and also shows his reaction when he is out..
Sachin: Shows the trademark style of him and also the reaction when he is out..
Sourav Ganguly: He even doesn’t know whether he has hit a six.
MS Dhoni: who just uses force and doesn’t see whether the ball has gone
Muralitharan: looks very and slow motion is very dangerous..
Harbhajan: how he looks when he doesn’t get a wicket. His face completely becomes saddened.
Irfan pathan: seems like he is dancing after getting a wicket..
Sehwag: Bollywood like style after getting a wicket

Pankhudi – Palak’s mother comes in and speaks Bittu’s name. She declares herself to be the first love of Gavaskar Ji and shows a photo as proof. Rajiv Thakur comes as another girl and fights with pankhudi and cracks a joke on her.. Both fight and Pankhudi wants her to speak with her foot. She also wants other girl to speak with respect with her foot as the shoe was a gift from Gavaskar Ji..Pankhudi taunts her when she shifts to Sehway. They speak on what cricket means. Pankhudi says that she is a champion of kabbadi though she knows about cricket..Both plays Kabbadi and fights on stage with Pankhudi eventually is the winner. Kapil thanks both of them for coming on the show and Kuch kariye song is played in the background from the movie Chak De India. The show was hilarious, witty and both guests were seen to have lots of fun.

Gavaskar and Bua

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