Gunjan to admit her love seeing Ranvi marry someone else in Veera

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Ratan was disturbed knowing Ranvi had married Gunjan but it is nothing more than a compromise. She is heartbroken thinking her ever-happy son Ranvi is living an unhappy life. Ratan decides to get Ranvi remarried and have a wife who would be loving and caring unlike Gunjan. Gunjan is shocked seeing this sudden developments going against her. Gunjan started feeling for Ranvi but she is unable to admit it to him. Veera senses her feelings and thinks its high time the couple should share their lovely bond and live a happy life.

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Veera joins Ratan and both of them plan to make Gunjan realize her feelings. Veera prepares Ratan with the drama and they force Ranvi to sit in the mandap to marry someone else. Gunjan reaches there and is shocked to see Ranvi’s marriage happening. She stops the marriage and when asked the reason, she confirms it to Ranvi and his family that she loves Ranvi from her heart and their marriage is no more a compromise. This leaves Ranvi reach cloud nine and his family is happy too. Ranvi and Gunjan will be marrying again happily. So all the credit goes to Veera and Ratan. Watch out for Ranvi’s reaction!!






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