Niranjan fuming knowing Jyoti ran away from Abhay’s house in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

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After Astha came to know the truth of Niranjan’s chauvinism, she was shell shocked and could not believe that the man she respected as her father turned out to be a devil. Niranjan has beaten Anjali with a long wooden stick and Astha saw him only slapping Anjali and she was so much moved, if she saw him using the stick, we wonder what she would think. Astha is firm that she will bring his evil face infront of everyone and understood that Anjali is just a puppet in his hands who speaks his words and decisions.

Astha is again scolded by Niranjan in the case of Jyoti. Niranjan is shocked to know that Jyoti ran away from her in laws house. He scolds Anjali for not giving good values to their daughter, as if she should bear all the tortures of her husband Abhay as Anjali is bearing Niranjan. Astha hears them talking again about Jyoti and comes to know that she ran away. Astha knows about Jyoti’s abortions and now she decides to find out the reason why Jyoti took such a big step. Will Astha find out the bitter face of Abhay? And how will she deal with Niranjan now? Two cruel men and one savior Astha, hard task but we think it will be easy for her as she is the heroine after all!!


4 responses to “Niranjan fuming knowing Jyoti ran away from Abhay’s house in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir”

  1. Rani Neil Avatar
    Rani Neil

    I lovelovelovelobelovelove this show to beyond belief. It should be shifted to a different time slot. Shrenu parikh is so talented, it’s unreal. Go watch the show, you won’t regret it. Just don’t compare it to IPKKND 1st season because despite having the same name, both shows are completely different and equally brilliant!

  2. alia Avatar

    i agree with u rani maybe ipkknd 2 is not that funny but it definetely wants to change the society the themes of the two shows are completely different u might think they are similar but they are very very different in morals in messages and everything ipkknd 2 is such a lovely show i just love love love it its not justa stupid drama but it has a lot of meaning in it and anjali shlok astha’s acting hats off guys evryone is just so talented on the show

  3. Rainbow Avatar

    Astha ll have difficult tym.. Shlok wnt help her n Niranjans prblm. He wnt even believe her. For him his dad s god..

  4. Jas Avatar

    I love…………………….this show so much can’t even wait till next episode specially ashlok Jodi Kya baat hai astha & shlok yaar tum dono etne sunder lagte ho kya khoon koi Lafaj hi nahi. Astha yaar samabal me apneapp ko Dekhi kahin dobara fir na shlok bad dal jave please be careful we want to see both of you happy and romantic couple looks awesome.

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