Suresh's repeated blunders make him inching closer to engagement with Pragya

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Kumkum Bhagya Zee

Everybody believes that Suresh is in love with Pragya. Pragya even fell in a small river thinking about him and his love. Thanks to Abhi, she was saved from drowning though Abhi later realized and leveraged media coverage to get publicity for his act.

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Behind this backdrop, Rachna’s (suresh’s sister) roka is underway and Suresh is only eyeing Bulbul while everybody and even Pragya thinks that he is seeing her with love. She tries to flirt with him for a while. After roka ceremony ends, Bulbul sets-up a plan to intoxicate Suresh so that he will be able to open up and express his love to Pragya. Bulbul offers him alcohol by terming it as cough syrup and after her much insistence, he drinks it just for her. After this, Bulbul sends him away to terrace for their meeting, purvi also send Pragya on the terrace. Suresh is not in his senses there and is completely intoxicated and when pragya comes he thinks her as Bulbul and opens up his heart. He professes his love to her and then speaks many things such as – about his fear to speak on his love, and gives many analogies like he doesn’t care about BMC, broken roads as finally he has expressed his love and that took away all the pain in his heart.

He compares his pain to illegal constructions and violating traffic signals. He also proposes to marry her and wants to have three children obeying the constitution of India. He then asks about her decision for which Pragya accepts his marriage proposal. He becomes happy and then soon realizes that he actually spoke with Pragya, but again makes a flip-flop and thinks that he spoke with Bulbul as he finds her with him the next time. In this way, Suresh unknowingly professes his love to Pragya though in that intoxicated state feels that he spoke his heart out to Bulbul.

Suresh’s mother plays a prank with Pragya of scolding her but then warmly wants her to be her daughter-in law. Everybody in Sarla’s home and Suresh’s family are happy to see Suresh and Pragya getting married. They augments roka with chauka i.e. Roka pe chauka (Double whammy with Roka)

Will Suresh realize his mistake when he recovers from intoxication ? Seems not the case as his mind is completely in awe of Bulbul with love and cannot see beyond that. As the new promo shows, these repeated blunders make him inching closer to engagement with Pragya and only time will tell whether he opens up to clear the confusion on the engagement day. Stay tuned to Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV at 9 PM IST (Mon-Fri).

Info on cast: Faisal Rashid is playing the role of Suresh.

Preview of next Monday, 28th April 2014
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Suresh and Pragya’s Engagement Day Promo
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