Comedy Nights with Kapil 27th April 2014 – Written Update with Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor

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Comedy Nights With Kapil

Guests on the show: Bollywood Actors – Alia Bhatt, Arjun Kapoor and Amrita Singh

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Kapil starts the show and introduces Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt by saying about their roles in the movie 2 States – Punjabi boy and a tamilian girl and welcomes them. Alia and Arjun comes on the show with a marriage baraat and music beat. The groom says that as their film was hit so he invited Alia to their marriage baraat. Alia advises the groom to always listen to his wife. He says that he will always listen only if Alia is his wife.

Kapil welcomes and congratulates them on 2 States success. Siddhu says that the intent is most important and says that if you love truly then all India will love you. Kapil compares their jodi to maska and malai (butter and cream). He says that giving advice regarding marriage is easy and says that what happens after marriage is not shown always in movies. He asks Arjun, did he notice that difference in most movies ? Kapil says that after marriage the scenes are like – Arjun changing diapers..Alia says that in her film the kids were cute.

Kapil taunts on the men before and after marriage who compares their wife’s eyebrows like Ashutosh rana and also teases wife on petty issues. Alia and Arjun asks him about his happiness after his marriage with Mrs.Sharma.

Kapil aka Bittu calls his wife and Mrs. Sharma comes in and he compares her to a mushroom. Mrs. Sharma wants him to tell her about them coming in advance which he didn’t do, and they fight on this. Bittu taunts her and then she reminds him about his promise to love her even after marriage. Bittu also taunts her family and speak on their family dinner where cow dung was served invoking laughter. He then talks that Mrs. Sharma catches mosquitoes inside their home. She wants her husband to be like Arjun kapoor. He says that if she goes to Arjun and then only Alia will be free for him. He switches her to be Arjun’s wife for a moment, and himself becomes the husband of Alia.. Alia asks him – Does he know romance? And then he sings song and says he imagines Anup Jalota when he sees Alia.. and then sings Aoo Huzoor.. Sitaro mein le chalo..dil jhoom.. jaise bharo mein le chalu. song from the movie Kismat (1968). Arjun then sings a song holding Mrs. Sharma’s hands and he teases Arjun a bit. Arjun sings Lakdi ki Kanti Kanti pe Ghoda.. Ghoda de dum.. tumne mara hatoda Daura Daura.. song from the movie Masoom (1983) and goes to the goat.

Bittu says that his mood changes from happy to sad with Mrs. Sharma and cites an example where the song Gori Gori mein Gaalo mein changes to a sad one – meri zindagi ro rahe. Mrs. Sharma then leaves with her displeasure.

Kapil says to Arjun that he took admission in an IIT in the movie 2 States. What advice does he want to give to young people ?
Asks: Is it first find a girl and then study ?

Kapil asks Alia to speak something in Tamil.. And then flirts with her. He then asks Arjun, How did he made an entry in Girl’s Hostel in the movie 2 States ?
Arjun: says that if the intent is good then you can go anywhere. Kapil then teases saying that he didn’t do anything referring to their love moments inside girl’s hostel in the movie 2 States.

Kapil taunts Alia more and says that as Emraan Hashmi is her brother so she was more responsible in doing romance with Arjun at the hostel.

Lajja (Kiku sharda) comes on the song – Mutthu Kadi Koi hada. Pyaar chahe na karna chahiuye jo karna pade.. Bittu asks why did he came ? Lajja wants them to be silent and then says he came to speak with Ananya (Alia). He says to her, Why did she left an eligible South indian guy to marry a punjabi boy ? Bittu then teases him on his hairs which are upright and pointing north.. Lajja repeats, Why did you marry a punjabi boy ? Alia says – He is intelligent, handsome, and one that loves her..

Lajja says that where to go now. He says that he is very polite and challenges Bittu that he will speak more loudly. He doesn’t want Arjun to intimidate him. Bittu also comments on Lajja’s neck as it is short and compares it with Arjun’s neck which is quite reasonable.

Lajja wants more clarity about Arjun. Alia repeats her first line about Arjun: Intelligent, handsome and then kisses Arjun. Arjun then teases Lajja and makes weird sounds so as to harass him. Arjun then showers Alia with a kiss to the dismay of Lajja.

Comedy Nights With Kapil Alia and Arjun's Kiss

Bittu wants to send Lajja away..Lajja then decides to teach a lesson to Bittu. and then he calls Punjab da Puttar – Dhamaka who comes dancing on the song – jiski uski song from the movie 2 States. Dhamaka comes and says papa to Arjun. He declines to accept him as his son.. Lajja says that he is looking for the father of Dhamaka – Punjab da puttar. Dhamaka says that Arjun is his father. Lajja tries to convince Arjun on the small boy’s claim and song played – Hua Chokra Jawaan Re.. Chaand pe Bhi. Arjun and Dhamaka dance on this song. Alia then comes and hugs Lajja (and refers hug to choonch kiya). Bittu teases Arjun as Alia didn’t hug him. Alia then slaps Lajja for his lie about Dhamaka’s father as Lajja lied that Arjun is his father. Lajja’s claim is cancelled and they celebrate with a party – Na Koi Warranty..Tu na mari entry dil mein baje ki Ghantiya from the movie Gunday.. Lajjo then leaves with Dhamaka..

Comedy Nights With Kapil

Bittu asks Arjun, who was his first girlfriend in college ?

Arjun: He is puzzled and tells that he didn’t have any girlfriend in school as he was not suitable to get a girlfriend. He was very fat and looks like a ball and terms himself as a ball friend..

Bittu then speaks him about his current girlfriend.. He wants them to decide on their own either to reveal or not..

Arjun: says that all his girlfriends have lot of currents and tells to disclose their names to Alia later after pack-up. He tells that kapil is right in saying things starts to change after marriage (as Alia was asking him many questions about the currents of his girlfriends)

Arjun has said to Alia that there is nothing tougher (dangerous) than a punjabi mother-in law in the movie. With this context., Amrita singh comes on the song – Iss Dant se bhagaoo.. sar pe bithaoo. Kapil welcomes Amrita singh and Siddu praises her.. She says that she knows Alia since a long time and Alia was born in front of her. Kapil says that Amrita singh came on a television show for the first time. She tells that she spent 30 years thinking to come on CNWK one day. She also brought his son – Ibrahim on the show. Ibrahim is Kapil’s fan and both of them are avid viewers of CNWK.

Arjun says that Amrita ji knows about him a lot as they have done two films – 2 States and Aurangzeb. He says that she is a spontaneous actor and behaves very naive at the start of the shooting every day. She wants the director to cut the lines and hesitates on speaking dialogues before camera. But when the camera and take happens, she does excellent acting in one take and then he becomes amused. Kapil talks about her movie – Chameli Ki Shaadi (1986 movie; literal translation in english: Jasmine’s Marriage) and he asks her to explain the difference in working with Anil and Arjun (Uncle and Nephew Duo)

She mimics Anil’s Kapoor style.. She tells about her experience with the director- Basu Chatterjee (Basu dev) who was very worried with her acting and shots but he was happy with Anil. In her first movie Betaab, Sunny Deol was her male co-star.

Kapil asks, How was her experience of working with Sunny Deol ?

She says that Sunny is a reserved and shy from before and even now. Though she was not a shy girl at that time..She was confused because Sunny deol never looked in the eyes of her and was very shy..

Kapil mimics Sunny deol holding a heroine..He thanks Amrita singh again for coming. He talks about her movie – Mard (1985 movie) where she was riding a horse.. She tells that people saw her during horse-riding and she became over-confident and wanted to show-off to people her horse-riding skills. Once, she kicked the horse in that land – china creek, she hit a tree and then fell down. And then she realized that never to show-off..

Kapil: Does she ever have done a kamseen kali i.e., role of a naive and shy girl ?
Kapil says her to act like a naive and shy girl and he gives the following roles –

Amrita ji as daughter-in law, Kapil as mother-in law, Arjun as father-in law and Alia becomes a friend of daugher-in law.. The scene is about dauhgther in law coming home late and in-laws are speaking. The mother-in law calls her husband as Durbari Lal and shouts at her daughter-in law when she comes late to home. She couldn’t be shy for liong time..

Audience speaks: Tejas

Requests her to dance with him on a chameli ki shaadi movie song..Kapil asks why he is worried as he seems quite stressed. Later, Tejas and Amrita singh dances — Tera sapna ki rani.. Pyaar meharbani..Kapil advices him to confident in whatever he does and wishes good luck..

Audience: asks question to Alia:
In 2 States movie, how did she taught Arjun in the movie how to impress her parents ?
– Arjun says that he met Mahesh Bhatt only 2 times and he regards him as a TV because of his immense knowledge..

Audience: Aashish

congratulates on the movie.. He speaks that his wife is also Tamilian..They wants to dance on a 2 States song with them and then dances on the song.. Kapil cracks a joke as the shoe sole is broken ..soul vs sole..

Small girl speaks: Sarisha speaks in english
That she likes a lot and wants to dance with her.. the small girl comes and dances on the song with Alia – Sar pe Bhitaoo. and it was a sweet moment

Daadi comes in with a bang and calls Bittu and speaks Jab hum jawaan honge and hugs Amrita ji.. She impresses Alia as her daughter-in law and taunts Mrs. Sharma.. Daadi wants Alia to cover her head. She teases on features of Mrs. Sharma like mouth relating to microwave owen.. Alia tells that everybody knows there is no milk at home. Daadi scolds her and at that moment Pankhudi comes in and praises Alia..

Pankhudi introduces herself and tells that things are one-sided and wants to take advantage. Both Daadi and Pankhudi fights on Palak vs. Pinky Bua.. Pankhudi does not want Bittu to interfere between AMrita ji and her. And suggests him to talk with her foot while Daadi wants to be busy with Arjun. Daadi then kisses Arjun.. pankhudi says that shagun ki pappi is needed only before the film’s release and not needed after film’s release. Daadi responds that that now is the fashion of ice tea instead of hot tea and also the film is a hit so her kiss is justified..

Amrita ji suggests them to not fight..Bittu wants her to forget fights. Pankudi speaks on how Daadi forget Petty coat and wants her to give it back ASAP. Daadi replies that she had made a tent from her petty coat which leads to both of them fighting. Bittu stops the fight between Pankhdi and Daadi and makes them as statue and then ends the show. Though the show ended a bit abruptly but nonetheless it had lots of fun. Kapil thanks them for coming on his show and the show ends with a song from 2 States..

Comedy Nights With Kapil

Comedy Nights With Kapil

Next week Guests: Sushmita Sen comes on the show and does lot of aerial acts and also Vivek Oberoi seems to have a good time with Raju.

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