Heroes – The Fightback Files 27th April 2014 Channel V *10th Episode* Written Update

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Heroes the fightback files

Theme of this Episode: Fight Sexual Harassment

People used to see her at every place and laugh on her. She was extra weight and wanted to get slim to stop people from laughing on her. She went to a body clinic of Dr. Samar. The story begins like this……. She was Vedika, a 21 year old, BA final year student. She was tensed to come to the college on the very first day. Everyone laughed on her. She was ragged by the seniors and asked to do sit ups. A guy treated her very well and she got attracted to him. Her dad asked her about the first day. She says it was very nice. Even her younger sister Kritika used to make fun of her extra lagging pounds. Vedika was upset. Her parents used to support her and scolded Kritika for teasing her.

Manav was the guy who supported her infront of everyone. They became good friends. Manav asked her to help him with his assignments as she was a topper. She helped him as she had some feelings for him. He says I will pick you up at night for the freshers party. She was very happy as she wanted to spend much time with him. Vedika gets well dressed and Manav comes to pick her. They left on his bike and after going to some distance, the back tyre became flat by her overweight. She says I m sorry. He says its ok, its not your fault. Manav pulls the bike and reaches the place. Everyone make fun of him saying Vedika should be lifted by crane, not a bike.


Vedika feels bad. Manav says my sister also had some problem like this, you can also go there and take medicines, everything will be fine. Vedika goes to Dr. Samar’s clinic. Samar asks her about her diet. She says I eat normal food, but I gain weight easily. He checks her weight and its horrible, 130 kgs. He asks her to remove her jacket and give her measurements. He says relax, I m a doctor, be comfortable. He shows her a fat burner and says use this and you have to work out to change. He tells his fees, which is very expensive. Its Rs. 45000 advance. She thinks how to arrange money as the whole treatment was even more costly. She discussed about this with her dad.

Her dad agrees. She gives the money to Samar. He looks at her again and says I want to get accurate measurements, turn around. He says I will take your pics so that we can know how you were before. Vedika feels bad as he takes her pics even of her bottom. She shows her the pics on his laptop and touches her. He says I promise you will be changed in two months. She felt his behavior strange. She did not wish to leave the treatment so she continued with him. She always asked to stay without the jacket. He touched her acting sweet. He touched her while she exercised and this continued for many days. She felt very uncomfortable.

She loses some weight and he takes her measurements again. He hugs her and says you will change till our program ends. Vedika did not feel any change in her, but Samar acted as if his medicines are working. She comes home and asks Kritika is there any change in her. Kritika did not find any weight loss. Even her parents felt she is the same. Vedika gets tensed and asks is there any change, did I lose weight. They keep up her heart and lie to her seeing her tensed. She thought maybe Samar is cheating her.


She came to college and talked to Manav. He asks her to do his project. Vedika is upset that Manav talks to her only about studies, nothing else. Vedika comes to Samar and says why is anyone not noticing that I lost weight. He says you are losing well. She says I want people to notice it, else whats the use. Samar asks her to give her old pics for comparing. He says there should not be any privacy between a doctor and patient. He asks her to accept his FB friend request. She does it. He holds her hand and says you are my type.

He says I find chubby girls sexy. She leaves from there and decides she won’t go to his clinic again. But when she came home, her mum tells her that her dad sold the scooter. Vedika feels bad that her dad sold the scooter for her. Vedika breaks down.

Heroes channel V India

Vedika asks Samar will she change or not, only 15 days left now. Samar tells her that it works only for those whose sex life is active. Vedika is shocked. He asks do you have any boyfriend who can help you. He says if you have to lose weight soon, come to me, I have a solution, we can have sex at the clinic, I m a doctor and my work is to help my patients, I assure it no one will know and you will enjoy and love it. Vedika is shocked as he asks are you ready. She slaps him and pushes him. She leaves.

She comes out and thinks about Samar’s words. She thinks how Samar fooled her. She checks her weight and sees its same. She understands that the weight machine was tampered, he wanted to get close to her so he did all this. She comes to Manav and hears him talking to his friends making fun of her calling her a fat buffalo who does his projects. She cries hearing it. She was very angry on Manav. She decides to bring Manav and Samar’s reality infront of everyone.

She uses FB and wrote on it that Samar is a big fraud. She exposes Manav also and writes about him on the notice board of the college. Manav comes and is shocked to read about him. She accuses Samar for sexual harassment and Manav for being his helping hand and sending girls to his clinic. Manav felt so embarrassed and left from the college. She wanted to see Samar’s reaction as she had posted the same statement there at his clinic. People gathered at his clinic and Samar was shocked to see Vedika’s pic and her statement on the posters.

The women there catch Samar and question him about all this. Vedika protests and beats him on the road. Samar gets angry but can’t slap her back as Vedika has everyone’s support. He leaves from there. Vedika took help from those girls whom Samar has harassed. Vedika and those girls protested for many days and Samar left everyday seeing them. After two weeks, Samar sold his clinic. Many girls cased on Samar and he left the country. Manav faced criticism in the college and Vedika is now in a happy relationship with someone. Vedika fought against sexual harassment and was a real hero.

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Full Episode Video link: http://www.startv.in/episodes/vedika-exposes-dr-samars-illicit-intention/64644

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  1. Rainbow Avatar

    Manav s a fraud.. Poor vedika.. She had guts to fi8. Which s lacking for many gals.

  2. pari Avatar

    good story.this story is different than previous ones.

  3. sid Avatar

    Plz tell me the real name of the actor who plaued the role of vedika

  4. sid Avatar

    Real name of girl who played vedika

  5. tellyreviews Avatar

    Hello Sid,
    Until now, we don’t know the name of the character – vedika. if we find, surely we will update it, even our readers will update as well if they know it as well.

  6. Tittli Avatar

    very different story! liked this episode:)

  7. sid Avatar

    Did anybody know real name of vedika

  8. priya Avatar

    real name of the man who played samar?

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