Bhishma stands tall to defend Hastinapur while unnerving Pandavas

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Bhishma after successfully ceasing Arjun from the fight with Kauravas in Virat’s Matsya kingdom now faces challenges in Hastinapur. Shakuni, Duryodhan and Bhishma comes to know that Pandavas are preparing to wage a war against the Kauravas (100 sons) and their friend Karna and if needed they will fight even the Hastinapur’s Army. They declines the offer from Raja Virat about his army assisting them during their combat against Hastinapur’s army. Pandavas makes up their mind to go solo on chariots and face Kauravas and have decided to move to Hastinapur by next morning.

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Pandavas begin to prepare for the war and are also contemplating how Bhishma pitama will play a role – either he will choose Dharm (righeteous and chaste) and not interfere with Pandavas or choose to safeguard Hastinapur’s throne and Kauravas as he has made an oath to Kuru king for preserving hastinapur from any threat.

Meanwhile, in Hastinapur, Bhishma informs Duryodhan that is is best to return the throne back to Pandavas. But, Shakuni steps in and relents the idea and informs Bhishma to choose their side or the Pandavas. Bhishma replies that he is bounded with his word to safeguard hastinapur but also reiterates that he is doing injustice to Pandavas. Shakuni suggests that Pandavas are actually doing a revolt (rebellion) and its not a war.

As Bhishma understands that Kauravas are not listening and also wants him to face Pandavas as they are well aware of their incapability to defeat Pandavas. Bhishma proceeds to face Pandavas and goes to the battle field. Bhishma stands tall on the battle field and informs Pandavas about his duty to protect hastinapur and also shows his might. Moreover, Bhishma is blessed with choosing the time of his death and this is well known to pandavas and everyone. Arjun says that he cannot attack him. Yudhistir and other pandavas speak that their fight is against Kauravas and Karna and not against Hastinapur Army and Bhishma. They just want to attack Kauravas. Bhishma replies that Kauravas will not come to face Pandavas and they wanted him to face them. Pandavas starts to become un-nerve as Bhishma wants them to go back and not wage war. Bhishma equates him of becoming a shield of injustice that is actually stopping many righteous things and true justice. While, Nakul and Sahadev are adamant and are also willing to attack Bhishma whereas Arjun, Bheem and Yudhishtir are hesitant and nervous. Bhishma finally reiterates that he is bounded by his obligation and will discharge and fulfill all his duties.

Thus, now Pandavas faces an uphill task as they don’t want to attack Bhishma while also not leaving Kauravas who are happy to be not facing the ire of pandavas. While there is a stalemate now but the impending war against Kauravas will happen. It has to been how the role of Bhishma will play out. How Pandavas will tackle the might of Bhishma ? What strategies they need to take out Kauravas from their fortress on to the battlefield ? Stay tuned to Mahabharat on Star Plus at 8:30 PM IST (Mon-Sat) to follow this intriguing track.

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