Saras and Kumud land in London to save Kabir from Ghuman in Saraswatichandra

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Ghuman came to know from Kalika that Kabir gave the original papers of the Desai house to Danny and made him save the house. She understood that Kabir played a game with her and cheated her. She wants to know Kabir’s motives. Kabir plans to kill Ghuman, but she is a step ahead. She finds out Kabir’s motives and decides to do the same with him. Kumud and Saras were finding out about Saras’s brother whom Menka took with her. Soon they will be knowing its none other than Kabir.

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Ghuman tells Saras and Kumud that Kabir is waiting for her in London. She will not be going there, but his death will be meeting him in London. She says she will kill Kabir after 5 days on his birthday. Kabir is shown caught by the goons and kidnapped. Ghuman breaks the secret to Saras that Kabir is his brother. A shocked Saras panics. Ghuman asks him to save Kabir if he can. Saras and Kumud land in London to look out for Kabir and to save him from facing death. Will Saras protect his little brother with whom he was separated for years. We hope yes. Watch out this amazing promo!!

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One response to “Saras and Kumud land in London to save Kabir from Ghuman in Saraswatichandra”

  1. Silver Hayde Avatar

    i don’t think saras has to save kabir but he would save himself from the goons of guman, we have seen saras fight now let’s see kabir’s fight both are equal as they are brothers, even kabir could save himself without help as he looks too solid. saras and kabir will unite in london with a huge hug knowing that kabir is his younger brother, then it would be sleepless nights for guman, saras and kabir will plan to take revenge on guman with a solid proof of evidence leaving her exposed in front of everyone, she would be rejected even by her own son, husband, everyone.

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