Anandi and Jagya get hurt in the election campaign in Balika Vadhu

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Balika Vadhu

Het Singh threatens Jagya asking him to take his name back from the elections and shows him his political powers. Jagya tells him that he won’t back off and rather go ahead to clean the dirtiness of the village starting with him. Dadisaa informs Anandi that Jagya stood in the elections and asks Anandi to come for his help in the campaigning. Anandi asks Shiv about it and he permits her to go as it is for a noble cause.

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Daddu brings his long lost sister Subhadra home who thinks Anandi is going to help her brother in Jaitsar and allows her. Later on, she is shocked to know that Jagya is not her brother, but her ex husband. She creates a scene in the house seeing Anandi and Jagya’s pics in the newspaper. Shiv asks Anandi to clear this matter soon. Het Singh plans to ruin Jagya’s campaign and sends some goons who protests and throws stones at Anandi and Jagya. Jagya covers Anandi and still both of them get hurt. Het Singh asks Jagya to understand what he can do, else he will be showing them the next trailer. Will Jagya get scared and take his name back from the elections? Keep reading.






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