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My Vote

Glad to vote today!! It is a good feeling when you are given an opportunity to cast your vote and claim your right. It is our right to vote and select our electoral candidate. We covered Satyamev Jayate as the show dealt with social causes which affect the society. The show gave the insight into elections and urged everyone to vote and not miss their rights. We, Indians are lucky to stay in a democratic country and every vote matters. Don’t lag behind, VOTE!!

I think many people have already voted in their cities, but we had elections today on 30th April 2014. I went with enthusiasm in the morning itself as I never stay back from claiming my right always, LOL!! I am also glad that our site Tellyreviews is gaining good popularity and becoming a brand now. Thanks to all supporters for making it reach to many. We hope to make it more bigger. Keep Tellyreviewing!! Keep voting!!


2 responses to “Hajera Hasan @ 10.31 AM”

  1. pari Avatar

    nice!!!u fulfiled ur duty as responsible citizen.i also casted my vote, in our areas it was on 17 april.
    Ur right day by day tellyreview is getting immense popularity and congrats for that.

    1. tellyreviews Avatar

      Thank you Pari !

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