Melodramatic Sanskaar to wrap up soon with a happy ending

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We have seen lots of drama in the show by the vamp Dipika who claimed Jai is the father of her unborn child, though she was not at all pregnant. Then, came the twist that Dhara is pregnant and soon the truth came out. The current track is showing Hitesh fooling the Vaishnav family. Hitesh is helping Jiten and Chandrika by staying in the Vaishnav house and giving all the important info to them. Hitesh was exposed but he accepted and apologized for his mistakes and made his stay permanent.

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Jai will be soon finding out that Hitesh has stolen the important documents from his cupboard and has been helping their enemy Jiten. Chandrika tried to kill Ansubaa but failed, as Jai saved her in the nick of the time. Dhara and Jai are protecting the family as always. Chandrika plans to stand in the sarpanch elections against Ansubaa, but she will lose it to Ansubaa. The show will be having a happy ending with Jai and Dhara having a child and everything falling into place. So, it is confirmed that Season 2 of Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki is ending. Let’s see which show takes the 7pm slot on Colors TV!!





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