Anshuman to woo Paakhi in her village post his accusation of Cheating – Promo


Paakhi Anshuman

In the new Promo, it is shown that Pakhi has went back to village to stay with her family as she was dejected with Anshuman’s accusation about her cheating on him. Paakhi at home is trying to recover and find peace. Anshuman is seen to go to her village after realizing his mistake and woo Pakhi for getting her back with him. Anshuman will be helped by Paakhi’s family in winning her heart.


Anshuman is seen dancing with Pakhi on folkfore dance and trying his best to impress her and also making sure that Pakhi forgives him.

Some more info: Upcoming episodes of Tumhari Paakhi are going to be shot at historical locations – Qutub Minar, Red Fort, India Gate in Delhi..

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