Bhabho annoyed with Sandhya seeing wine racks in her house in Diya Aur Baati Hum – Promo

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Kavita informs Sandhya that there is an illegal wine supply going on in Pushkar as it is elections time. She tells her to stop the supply as it may affect the elections results as some unfair politicians uses wine to buy votes from people. Sandhya understands the problems and assures her that she will look into this matter. She thanks Kavita for putting light on this issue. But Kavita has some other plans….. as she is a double faced woman. She plans to use this against Sandhya.

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Sandhya goes to the address which Kavita said and she gets many boxes of wine there. She raids and recovers the illegal supply. She brings the boxes at home which miffs Bhabho. Bhabho scolds Sandhya and asks her to keep them away from her work matters. She asks Sandhya to do her work in police station only. Will Sooraj support Sandhya this time? Keep reading.

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