Duryodhan convinces Balaram to stay neutral and not to take side of Pandavas during impending war

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Duryodhan Mahabharat

Bhishma has suggested Pandavas to wage a war against Kauravas as it will be the most righteous thing to do. However, he made clear to them that he is on the side of Kauravas and will defend Hastinapur as he is bounded by his sworn. Bhishma also suggests them to arrange coalition partners from different kingdoms so as to jointly fight against the Kauravas. Pandavas agree to Bhishma’s advice and after taking blessings from him leaves to prepare for the war.

Bhishma informs Duryodhan that Pandavas are preparing for the war and are in the process to convince other Kings to support them with their army. Shakuni is a bit annoyed with Bhishma as he has explictly initiated the war by suggesting Pandavas to fight against Hastinapur. Bhishma sticks to his point and says that war will happen and he will be on their side to defend Pandavas’ attack.

Since Bhishma has put all the Arya vart (Aryan’s kingdom) at risk as thousands of people are expected to die in the war just at the cost of Pandavas right and for a good future of Arya vart. He takes advice from Ganga who defends his decision as she also supports that the short-term loss of lives will usher in a bright future. And she wants him to be relieved of his decision and tells him to prepare for his death (the time which he can only decide).

Meanwhile, Duryodhan comes along with Shakuni and Dushyasan to meet his teacher -Balaram in the Dwarka kingdom. Balaram is seen with Vasudev Krishna. Krishna introduces to them Abhimanyu – son of Subhadra and Arjun. Suddently, Duryodhan and others are rounded by Dwarka’s army making them anxious and worried. Krishna then tells them to not worry and informs that Abhimanyu is practising a war drill and sooner Abhimanyu comes in to demonstrate how to break a Chakravyuh (squared planning). Abhimanyu is born with the same powers like his father Arjun and breaks the chakravyuh with his arrow skills and reaches to the centre where Duryodhan and Shakuni are also present. Abhimanyu says to them that only enemy becomes worried pointing to their initial worry. Later, Balaram offers a friendly fight with his student Duryodhan which he accepts with ease.

Duryodhan fights with Balaram in the presence of Krishna, Shakuni and Dushyasan in Balaram’s chamber. Sooner, after some time in the fight, Balaram obtains an upper hand and punishes Duryodhan. Shakuni sees this and speaks with Krishna that Balaram is actually giving a punishment to Duryodhan and equates it to an attack rather than just a mere game. Krishna replies that indeed Duryodhan is getting punishment from his teacher Balaram. As he could not defend or take upper hand, thus Duryodhan starts to apologize Balaram and also opens up with his sorrows of life to Balaram. He then requests directly to Balaram to not take the side of Pandavas and thereby not raising the weapons against Hastinapur. After hearing this, Balaram makes a promise to Duryodhan that he, Krishna and Yadav army will stay neutral and will not take the side of Pandavas during their war with Kauravas. With this monumental promise, Shakuni and Duryodhan are very happy and thanks Balaram on his decision and now they think that Pandavas will cease to fight the war as they don’t have the support of Balaram and Krishna. At that same time, Arjun comes in at Balaram’s chamber and hears the promise of Balaram.

Arjun came to Dwaraka kingdom to meet his son Abhimanyu and was very happy after meeting him. When Arjun suggests Balaram to reconsider his decision of staying neutral, Balaram responds that he took his decision after a prolong thought and not just because Duryodhan (his student) plead to him very dearly. Balaram says that during the Cheerharan of Draupadi, he believes Yudhishtir has done a much bigger Adharm (injustice) than Duryodhan. Yudhistir was too overconfident in his Dharm and says that Pandavas even though had a chance to quit the game before Cheerharan but decided to play the game which they eventually lost. Balaram doesn’t want to think twice on his decision making Arjun dejected. Even Krishna also supports Balaram’s decision and reiterates that Balaram, and his army will not help Pandavas during their war. Arjun’s wife Subhadra suggests him to have believe in Krishna and she says that when Krishna shies away from the war that is also a sign for their victory.

Without the backing of Balaram and Krishna, How could Pandavas prepare for their fight against Hastinapur’s formidable army led by Bhishma ? What will happen to Pandavas in forming coalition with other kings in Aryavart ? What are the next steps on Arjun’s mind now ? With first victory for Kauravas, What would be their next strategies and attemps to block the war with Pandavas ? Stay tuned to this intriguing track on Mahabharat @ Star Plus at 8:30 PM IST (Mon-Sat).

Abhimanyu’s best moment with his father Arjun:
– Abhimanyu swipes the sweat from Arjun’s face and puts that sweat on his head as a blessing from Arjun.

Abhimanyu’s quote to Arjun:
— From Vasudev Krishna, he learned to kill for the Dharm (justice) and righteousness.
— From his mother Subhadra, he learned to die for the sake of the respect of his mother Draupadi


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