Gopi shocked to notice Gauri’s similarity with Meera in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

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While the Modi family headed for the summer camp with the kids to have a gala time, Radha was at her best to take her long lasting revenge on Gauri/Meera. She plans to kill Gauri and put the blame on Gopi, thus repeating the history once again to create differences between Gopi and Ahem. This is how she does it….

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Radha sees Gauri happily enjoying the summer camp swinging. Radha cleverly cuts the rope of the swing and poor Gauri falls getting severely hurt. Like always, no one sees Radha cutting the rope and thinks it’s an accident. Ahem and Gopi rush Gauri to the hospital. The doctor tells them that Gauri needs blood and Ahem and Gopi are shocked to know that Gauri’s blood group matches with Ahem and she has the same medical allergies too. Gopi then sees Meera’s stitch marks on Gauri’s foot and wonders how can this be possible. Will Radha’s evil deceit make Gopi unite with her daughter Meera? Keep reading.






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