Raima having a shocking affair with Rajnath Goenka in Ek Haseena Thi

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Raima and Sakshi Goenka are best friends and like soul sisters. Sakshi tells Raima that for once she can doubt on herself, but can never doubt on her. Such strong trust will be shaken when Sakshi knows the truth about Raima. Raima files for divorce from her husband Jatin who knows she is having an affair with someone but does not know the name. Sakshi feels Raima can’t have any affair else she would have asked her to cover it up infront of Jatin. But the twist is the tale is Sakshi does not know Rajnath is dating Raima.

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Durga has fixed cameras all over Raima’s house so cleverly that Raima could not doubt. Durga and Dayal watch the live video on their laptop and are happily shocked to see Raima hugging Rajnath and confessing about their affair. Dayal asks Durga to send this proof to Sakshi to break her ties with Raima, thus tacking their second target Raima. Durga wants to wait for some more info to know why such an intelligent man Rajnath having a beautiful wife Sakshi would risk his name and fame for having a stupid affair, is he so weak to lose it all for a woman? Durga doubts that there is more to this love story and determines to find it out. Keep watching Ek Haseena Thi and follow the exciting revenge track.


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  1. pari Avatar

    there is no need to do anything for durga as sakshi will take revenge from raima when she will find about affair.durga is very smart.

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