Suresh finally opens up about his love for Bulbul and breaks engagement; Pragya deeply hurt with Suresh

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Kumkum Bhagya Zee

Suresh’s repeated blunders in making everybody think that he loves Pragya has resulted in his engagement being set-up with Pragya by Sarla and Madhavi (Suresh’s mother). They decide to have Suresh’s engagement on the same day of his sister’s engagement.

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Until his engagement day, he carries on with his believe of engaging with Bulbul. Soon after the engagement ceremony starts, Bulbul accompanies Pragya onto the stage and when the time comes to put ring on Pragya’s finger, Bulbul refers to him as Jijaji and at this time Suresh gets the shocker that he is going to engage with Pragya and not Bulbul. He begins to get nervous and shies away from putting ring, but Bulbul and others forces him to put ring on Pragya’s hand, and he does. As Rachna’s engagement ceremony was scheduled just after Suresh, so he didn’t got chance to reveal the truth.

His friend suggests that now as he realized what happened to him, so he should go and speak with Pragya and tell the truth and clear the misunderstanding. With motivation from his friend, he becomes determined and then goes to Kumkum Bhagya to inform Pragya and Sarla’s mother about the misunderstanding. When he goes there, he finds Sarla crying with happiness as Pragya is getting engaged with Suresh. At this point, Suresh clears the misunderstanding and informs everybody that he loves Bulbul and not Pragya. He even bursts out leading to everybody in great shock. First, Sarla breaks down, and then Pragya is unable to cope with Suresh’s revelation. He informs Pragya that she is just his friend and not anymore. He cannot think of her as his life partner and reiterates his love for Bulbul. He boldly cancels his engagement with Pragya at the same moment and gets a slap from his mother. Surely, though Suresh finally have cleared the confusion but has inflicted great pain on Pragya and her family.

Upto now, Bulbul is not aware of Suresh’s revelation as she is travelling with her boss Purab and away from her home. Pragya is seen asking Suresh with tears in her eyes, Why has he proposed to her on terrace and also gave her rose and ring ? Suresh is seen to cover himself with sort of guilt and is unable to give reply to Pragya. Will Pragya move on after her engagement break-up with Suresh ? How Sarla will cope up with this damaging news from Suresh ? How Bulbul will react upon hearing Suresh’s confession of love for her and his breakup with Pragya ? Stay tuned to Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV (Mon-Fri) at 9 PM IST.






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