Halla Bol 2nd May 2014 10th Episode Bindass Written Update – Fight Unholy Godmen in all faiths

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Halla Bol Bindass

Karan starts the show and says that the story is about 21 year- old Meghana from Delhi who wants to live on her own and wants to fulfill her dreams but on the other side her parents were living according to what other’s have told them to do. Meghana is seen working on her computer and looking at photos. Her mother comes in and scolds her as she is spending time on photos while her exams are approaching and tells her to stop using camera.

Theme of the Episode: Fight Against Unholy Godmen in all faiths

She tells her mother that her interests is photography and her parents are not always with her and only speaks about Babaji. Her mother said that she is because of the Babaji’s vardaan. Meghana cries and says that she will become on our own and not because of Babaji.

Next day, Babaji is seen at their home and her mother speaks to Babaji and seek his help for Meghana. Both her parents speak that Meghana has lost focus and unmanageable and asks Baba to show her the right direction. Babaji responds that he has solutions for all the problems. Meghana sees them speaking with babaji and calls her mother. She doesn’t want to meet Babaji but her mother insists her to meet and take blessings from Babaji. Meghana goes on to say that in this way only her brother’s life was lost. She asks whether they ever asked what her brother wanted and accuses her mother that they never spoke about brother’s wishes as they focused on parties and other things. She tells that until now they are suffering from brother’s death and thinks that now they are doing to her the same. Her father comes in and takes away his wife.

The father apologizes to Babaji on and he responds that her mind is unstable and suggests to send Meghana to his Asharam so that she will be healed with spirituality and would become stable after spending time there. And after 15 days, they can take back their daughter. Her father agrees to Babaji and informs Meghana to go to Babaji’s Ashram for 15 days. She is reluctant to go but her father orders her to be ready with luggage by next morning and she needs to go.

Next morning, Babaji tells that for the next 2 weeks she will be a Yogini (devotee) and will do Ashram’s work and will be under God’s supervision. He tells that she will not be taking the calls of her parents and after this Meghana was made to return her mobile to the mother.

At the Ashram, Meghana is shown her room and meets Deepti who shows her room and bed. She takes out her camera and takes some photos. Next morning, Meghana also sits with other girls and men and does puja with Babaji. At her room she speaks with Deepti who seems to be worried and goes away outside. She wanders outside and sees Deepti crying on her way to the room. She asks her why is she crying ? Deepti informs that she is fine and suggests Meghana to not roam freely in the night.

Next morning, she sees girls are washing Babaji’s feet and Deepti informs her to take the blessings of Babaji by doing the same. She says that she will not wash babaji’s feet as she is not her slave and states that she is being forced to come here. She also tells that he is not God. She shouts and says that she doesn’t understand why people are following Babaji. Some devotees want her outside but he stops her forced eviction and speaks that now she is a bit unstable but in the next 10 days she will be fine.

She is then seen at Babaji’s room and he asks what has happened to her today. She says that whether only true truth is taught here ?. She is inside the room alone and he tells her to sit. She forces her to sit. He says it is his kingdom and he is the king and people comes to his Asharam and beg. He says that he will not listen to whatever she says. He asks her to shout and shows his might. He says that she has insulted him and calls him the God of this place. He then physically abuses and rapes her. Meghana cries after the assault..

Next morning, Babaji is seen outside and attending his devotees. Meghana wakes up and finds the marks on her body from the assault. She finds the room to be locked from outside and shouts for help asking it to be opened. Babaji is seen to continue attending the people. She cries as she is unable to go out from that room. Later, Babaji comes in the room and Meghana is seen sleeping. He touches her and she warns him that she will tell to everybody about his crime. She doesn’t want him to come close. He speaks that her parents think him as God and also consider her as his Vardaan (blessing). He tells that they will never listen to her and will think her as mad. He tells how he can leave her and wants to take Bhakti (devotion). He then forces on her again and rapes her.

Karan Tacker (the host): Babaji was a Yog guru and he was very famous all over the country. When Meghana revolted against Baba then nobody wanted to stand up to Babaji. As it hurts his ego so he wanted to harm Meghana. He says why we put people on a big pedestal such that we are afraid to speak if something is wrong..

Deepti sees the room and speaks that 4 days have passed since Meghana is held captive by Babaji in that room. Sooner, Babaji is seen with Meghana in the room and asks her whether she needs water. He tells her that when his devotees was washing his feet she made a big deal of it. He tells that for devotees the water that comes out from his feet is Amrut (Nectar). And now she will also drink the water that comes from his feet. He puts water on his feet and water flows out and wants her to drink. As she is starved since 4 day, this makes her to drink that water and he smiles. He tells that if she insults him again then he will make sure that she is cut into pieces..

Meghana comes to her room and meets Deepti. Deepti gives her water to drink. She drinks and Deepti then tells her that she told her to be quiet and because of her insult against babaji she has suffered the assault. She says to her that every girl in the Ashram has gone through the same assault like Meghana. Deepti cries and tells that not only in Asharam but they need to go out as well. Deepti tells that their only option is to surrender. Meghana begs Deepti to take her away from this Asharam. Deepti agrees and tries to help her in evacuating out. As they begin to escape, Deepti shows her the way to go out and doesn’t want to go with her. Meghana requests her to come but in vain. Meghana while running away sees Babaji’s poster at the gate and remembers her parent’s, babaji’s, and Deepti’s words. She comes back to her room and doesn’t run away. She tells to Deepti that she cannot run as she wants to fight against Babaji as now its not for her alone but she will fight for all. She asks Deepti for her help and vows to fight Babaji..

Next morning, while Baba is talking with people. She comes and apologizes and wants to take care of Babaji as his birthday is approaching. He gives her the task of distributing parsaad (sacrament). Sooner, Babaji is seen with his devotees amid chants – babaji ki Jai ho.. He tells Meghana and Deepti to take care of the devotees and give Parsaad (sacrament) to all. They distribute sweet boxes to devotees coming there to greet Babaji and Babaji is seen happy with them. By then, her parents also arrive there and wishes Babaji on his birthday. Her parents thanks Babaji and then Babaji gives them the parsaad in a sweet box. Her parents in that box finds photographs of Babaji’s sexual abuse and crime against his devotees. Her parents are shocked and Babaji tells that everything is fake. Then people there tell that they always got complaint of sex racket but they never believed because of Bhakti. Meghana says that she took the photos by herself reiterating its originality.

She tells to her mother that Babaji has raped her. And also tells that all the girls in the Asharam are being exploited and also send outside by force. She tells that she could have ran away but she didn’t ran because she cannot be quiet and wanted to show the true face of Babaji. She says how she collected the evidence against Babaji – first she won the confidence of Babaji and then collected evidence to bring forward his ugly truth. So, she took the photos, informed police, and also put those photos in the parsaad boxes. Babaji says that the girl is lying and at this point Deepti steps in and says that Meghana is true as she has seen Babaji committing crime since many years. She further adds that those girls who doesn’t have parents, Babaji sends them for his sex racket business. Meghana’s mother slaps him and tells that it is their mistake to have kept blind faith in him.

Karan Tacker (the host): says that whoever breaks one faith is actually a Dhokebaaz (fake and cheat) and not a Yogi..

Shama Sikander (Actor, Guest on the show): She says that she knows some friends who used to follow people like Babaji. She tells girls to not be quiet if something wrong is happening with them.

Karan Tacker (the host): speaks that Godmen are those who shows us the right path and helps us in dealing with problems. He tells that if somebody exploits you and takes undue advantage in the name of Bhakti (spirituality and devotion) then that is wrong. He tells that never be quiet because of fear. Karan signs off by saying – Don’t be silent, stand up, raise your voice and say – Halla Bol, Change Aayega.. Hum Laayenge..

Halla Bol Episode 10

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