Snapshot Reviews on 2nd May 2014


Yeh hai Mohabbatein,
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir,
Tumhari Pakhi
and Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:


Mrs. Bhalla fumes on Ishita for putting such a dirty blame on her son in law Parmeet. She scolds Ishita a lot for her indecent act. She is still unaware of Parmeet’s truth. She supports Parmeet as he is Simmi’s husband and tells Ishita that she brought her only for Ruhi’s sake and can’t risk Simmi’s marriage keeping her at home. She asks Ishita to leave the house saying we don’t want any more nuisances at home. Iyers return home from Shravan’s birthday party and hear Mrs. Bhalla shouting on their lovely daughter. Mrs. Iyer intervenes and supports her daughter’s pride and respect. She says if Ishita blamed Parmeet for molestation, then it can’t be wrong, it has to be true as Ishita does not lie. She tells Mrs. Bhalla that she won’t leave her daughter with such cheap mentality people who don’t know how to respect women. The Iyers are shocked to see Raman quiet and being a lamp post between the Bhallas and Iyers. Bala tries to revive Raman’s conscience and scolds him for not speaking a word in Ishita’s favor, being her husband. Raman talks to Mihir and tells him once he gets some proof in favor of Ishita, then he will not leave Parmeet. He tells that he trusts Ishita and will prove her innocent. (Good going Raman, atleast now you are determined to bring out Parmeet’s truth!!)



Menka tells Saras and Kumud about Ghuman’s dirty trap for Laxminandan. She starts from the beginning when Laxminandan was happily married to Saraswati. His friend forcibly took him to see Ghuman’s dance but he did not look at her even once. Ghuman’s pride was hurt when she felt Laxminandan is not interested in her, but seeing his richness, she decided to get him at any cost. Ghuman came to know that Saraswati is pregnant and waited for her delivery. She then went to the hospital and exchanged her healthy baby with the dead baby and made Laxminandan think he lost his child because of Saraswati’s carelessness. Laxminandan and Saraswati then started having differences and stopped communicating. Ghuman took advantage of this and got closer to him sympathizing and filling poison in his mind against Saraswati. When Saraswati came to know about their affair, she committed suicide. Menka asks Saras to find and save Kabir as he is his brother. Saras and Kumud try to find Kabir and come to know he left for UK. Saras meets Ghuman on the way and confronts her about his brother. Ghuman tells him how she came to know Kabir’s truth and that he cheated her with Menka’s help. She smiles giving them the hint of upcoming danger on Kabir’s head. (Interesting track indeed!! Let’s see the amazing UK scenes where Saras tries to find Kabir!!)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:


The cheap Abhay does not have a penny in his pocket and plans to stay in the Agnihotri mansion. He tells Niranjan that till they find out Jyoti, he won’t leave from their house and stay with them as he is much concerned about his wife. Niranjan agrees and asks him to stay. Anjali talks to Niranjan and he gets angry on Jyoti for running away from her husband’s house and bringing disrespect for them as well as Abhay. He tells her that it would have been better if Jyoti died instead of running away, as he would have genuinely cried for her. He is rather ashamed of her and regrets to have a daughter. He speaks against the birth of daughters saying they always bring shame for the parents. Anjali cries missing Jyoti. Astha hears these harsh words by Niranjan and thinks what a creep he is. She thinks he is really cheap to have such a small mentality and does not respect women. Shlok tries hard to find Jyoti everywhere but fails. He gets tensed and Astha pacifies him. Astha tells him that we should not wait more and inform the police as Jyoti is pregnant. Shlok talks to Niranjan about informing police. Niranjan tells him that he already spoke to the police commissioner and they started finding Jyoti. Astha sees Anjali devastated and feels bad for her state. (Astha will definitely support Jyoti and take the first step against Niranjan. That would be a slap on Niranjan’s face!!)

Tumhari Pakhi:


Anshuman cries being alone and misses Pakhi. He thinks of the insulting words he used for Pakhi and feels ashamed. Ayaan comes to him and tells him that Pakhi met him before leaving. He says Pakhi asked him to take care of him and make him smile always. Anshuman is shattered thinking of the biggest mistake of his life. Ayaan asks him to meet Pakhi and apologize to her till she forgives. Lavanya comes to meet Anshuman and asks him to bring Pakhi back home and complete their family. She tells him that she will forgive him only if Pakhi forgives him. Ayaan asks Anshuman to keep trying till he succeeds and not give up hope. Anshuman lands in Chittor and goes to Pakhi’s house. As soon as he steps in her house, Pakhi’s dupatta falls on him and they have an eyelock. He sees Pakhi on the terrace and smiles. He is surprised to see Pakhi’s normal reaction towards him and thinks why is she behaving so calm being annoyed to him. He comes to know about Tausa’s ill health and Pakhi not telling anyone about their fight. He greets Tausa asking him to get well soon. Tausa joins Anshuman and Pakhi’s hands and blesses them to be always together and happy. Anshuman talks to Pakhi in private and apologizes to her for his mistake. Pakhi is in no mood to forgive him and leaves. (Women don’t forgive so easily Anshuman, especially if someone points on their character. Keep trying!!)

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon:


Madhu opens her cupboard and takes out her bridal clothes and jewellery. She looks at the sindoor and cries. Dolly sees her upset and talks to her. She asks Madhu not to fight with the Lord and instead go to the hospital to see RK. Madhu tells Dolly that this time Kanha ji has to prove his existence else her devotion in him will end. She says she fought with Kanha ji as she feels he is hers. She says he has to keep up my trust and save my suhaag, my RK. RK is shown to be critical in the operation theatre. The doctors put him on life support system. Leela and Abhay comes to know about this and are much happy. Leela asks Sweety to get ready as it is her first Karwachauth and she should woo Abhay to make her marriage permanent. Sunny comes to meet Leela and tells her they have ruined innocent Madhu’s life by making her marry a mad man. He tells them that Bittu will not spare them once he knows this truth. Sweety gets dressed for Karwachauth and Abhay tells her that he is least interested in all these rituals. Abhay brings a white saree for Madhu and tells her that he has written her fate and she will be a widow soon. Madhu scolds him and throws the white saree on his face. The doctor calls Madhu and tells RK’s survival chances are very less and he is on life support system. Madhu dresses like a bride and waits for RK’s return. (Madhu’s belief in Kanha ji is so strong like Savitri. We hope to see RK return and break Madhu’s fast in tomorrow’s episode!!)


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