Abhay Kapoor to die; RK to get mentally fine and romance Madhu in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

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Good news for all the Madhu-RK fans. There were be brewing hot romance between RK and Madhu soon in the show post Abhay’s death. Abhay’s ego and his animosity towards Madhu were at the peak when he decided to make her a widow by hitting RK with a truck. Madhu’s devotion in Kanha ji saved RK from death and to Madhu’s surprise and Abhay’s shock, RK has become mentally fine and his brain has completely developed as an adult.

Madhu is doubly glad as Kanha ji not only returned her husband but made him fine too. This acts like a shock for Abhay who regards this as his failure. He will be getting high voltage taunts from Madhu as well as RK. It has to be seen how Abhay accepts his defeat. Abhay’s ego will be shattered and it will lead to his death. There will be some sweet romantic scenes ahead in the show between RK and Madhu which will be an eye treat for all their fans. We hope the show brings some freshness in their love story!!






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