Anshuman to win Pakhi’s love again in Tumhari Pakhi

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Anshuman landed in Chittor to get back his love, his life and wife Pakhi. He comes to know that Pakhi has not disclosed about their fight to anyone in her family as Tausa is much ill.

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Anshuman tries hard to apologize to her but Pakhi’s family does not give him much chance to speak to Pakhi as they are always around her. Anshuman finds Pakhi alone and apologizes to her. Pakhi does not forgive him and leaves. Anshuman feels it will be tough to get her forgiveness but he should keep trying. He says he will not go back without Pakhi.

There is a cute moment in the show where Anshuman tries to talk to Pakhi, when both of them are sleeping on ground on either sides of Tausa’s bed. Pakhi turns and does not see his face. Anshuman crawls under the bed and comes to Pakhi. He keeps his hand on her mouth and asks her to listen to his apology once. He asks her not to make any noise else Tausa will wake up. He apologizes to Pakhi once again. Will Pakhi forgive him so easily? Keep reading.






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