Duryodhan excited to win Krishna's Army support; Arjun blessed with Krishna's individual support

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After Balaram’s promise to Duryodhan that he, Vasudev Krishna and Dwarka’s Narayan swamy will not hold weapons in support for Pandavas, both Shakuni and Duryodhan are happy. Later, Balaram and Krishna speak on the cheerharan crimes against women in their kingdom Dwarka as people are replicating the cheerharan of Draupadi in Hastinapur. Krishna suggests to Balaram that though he tried to inform people to not do such activities but people are not listening to him as they are following Adharm (injustice).

Krishna also suggests that the war is needed to bring a change and justice and stop Adharm. Meanwhile, Duryodhan interferes when Abhimanyu who was seen practising with Arrows and targets. When Abhimanyu declares Duryodhan as his target, he then taunts Abhimanyu to attack both Krishna and Balaram.

Balaram meets Duryodhan and reiterates him about his decision to not participate in the war and remaining neutral. Balaram also suggests that whoever goes to meet Krishna first he will help that person either Duryodhan or Arjun. After this, Shakuni informs Duryodhan to go quickly to meet Krishna and meet Krishna first and before Arjun reaches there. On the other end, Subhadra informs Arjun to meet Krishna first and asks him for his wish.

Duryodhan Mahabharat

Both Arjun and Duryodhan reaches Krishna’s resting place where he was sleeping. Duryodhan sits on the chair a bit far and to the back of the sight of Krishna (also he comes first) while Arjun sits in front of Krishna close to his legs. When Krishna wakes up, he first sees Arjun and asks him for his wish. Duryodhan steps in and says that he came first thus he deserves to speak first on his wish. Krishna tries to inform him that he saw Arjun first and it was his mistake of sitting on the back of his sight. Krishna says that somebody comes with proper planning and to seek benefit (referring to duryodhan) from him while others come only to get love and blessing (referring to Arjun). After this, Duryodhan is unhappy and as he leaves from there, Arjun stops him and asks him to make his wish to Krishna. Krishna then speak about his thought about the war. He says that he will fight his own army thus he and his army will be on opposite sides. He also says that he will be weapon-less and power-less in the fight and promises to not use his weapons in the war.

Arjun Mahabharat

He asks both of them to decide which side they want to choose given the information and his promise of not using weapons. Krishna wants first to get an answer from Arjun but Arjun wants Duryodhan to make his choice first. Krishna insists Arjun to speak first on his decision. Arjun then speaks that it is not his decision but a humble request to have Krishna’s support. In this way, Arjun gets Krisha’s support. Then, Duryodhan gets Krishna’s narayan army support and he is very excited on getting it. Krishna speaks with Duryodhan and says that he has fulfilled the promise of Balaram – who promised Duryodhan that Balaram, Krishna and Dwarka’s army will not hold weapons for Pandavas against Kauravas. Duryodhan also taunts Arjun on his foolishness in choosing Krishna as he will be power-less. But Arjun is very much content on getting the side of Krishna.

In Hastinapur, Dhritrashtra comes to know about Krishna’s army support to Kauravas for their fight against Pandavas. He then goes to meet Kunti. He reminds her about his love for Pandu from his childhood and shares pleasant experience about his brother. He tells Kunti that he is very sorry and feels pity for Pandavas as they will lose the fight as now Krishna’s army is with Hastinapur. Kunti informs him that actually Pandavas will not loose as they have the support of Krishna. When Dhritrashtra speaks that Krishna will remain weapon-less in the war, she states that the whole environment, world and surroundings will assist Pandavas indirectly as it listens to Krishna. She cites some example as how the environment will give more power to Arjun in his arrows, Bheem, and other Pandavas. She also tells that she has lit 100 lamps as a prayer for Kauravas life and when they cease to glow that means Kauravas will die one by one. Upon hearing this, Dhritrashtra becomes worried about Kauravas and the impending war.

Kunti’s words about Pandavas and their win has sent tremors in Dhritrashtra’s mind. How would he react and what will he suggest to his sons ? What will be next strategies of Duryodhan given the fact that he already won Krishna’s narayan army support ? How Pandavas would proceed from now on and what more Arjun will do to strengthen his army ? Stay tuned to Mahabharat on this development on Star Plus at 8:30 PM IST (Mon-Sat).

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