Love By Chance on Bindass new show starting from 31st May 2014 – Promo and Music Video

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Halla Bol Bindass

Love by Chance is a romantic comedy backed by serendipity. The show covers real stories of people and every week a new love story will be shown.

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Host of the show: Actor – Kavi Shastri

First look Update:

The first look trailer of this new show on Bindass shows Rhea who is undergoing an internship at a medical camp in some town under the supervision of a doctor – Dr Gokhale. The voiceover speaks if Dr. Gokhale gets stomach upset by chance then what will happen ?

Dr. Gokhale upon getting stomach upset excuses Rhea and runs away. Just after he leaves, the voiceover speaks if a patient comes by chance, then a patient comes who speaks that her husband hands got stuck. Rhea sees her husband with amusement since the husband is standing with his hands stretched completely perpendicular. If Rhea doesn’t understand this problem, so what will she do ? By chance, she decides to take him to a hospital in a city. By chance, if he is unable to fit in the car and therefore Nattu Uncle’s truck needs to be brought in, so ? By chance, if they encounter a boy who comes on their way while they are going together in the truck, so what will happen ?

Can Rhea fall in love with that boy just after seeing him in the first sight who has been fallen on the ground due to his small accident with the truck ? Can such thing happen ? Sure, it may happen as well as this is Love By Chance anything can be possible.

Love by chance is starting from 31st May,2014 Saturday at 7 PM IST, and will be telecast every Saturday at 7 PM.

Image credit: Wikipedia page of Bindass

Additional Info:
Kavi Shastri is british film and television actor. Very soon, he will be seen in a fresh romantic comedy movie along with Vir Das, the movie name is Amit Sahni Ki List. Kavi’s Wikipedia page and Twitter page respectively.

Love By Chance – First look Trailer
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Love By Chance – Music Video
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