Harish brings Ayesha to Diwaan Mansion shocking everyone in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

Harish was stunned seeing Pankhudi/Ayesha in Lucknow where he went for his film shooting. He talks to Ayesha and feels she can’t be Pankhudi. He comes to know Ayesha is Nilofer’s own daughter and people know her since her childhood. Nilofer does not wish Harish to enquire anything about Ayesha and asks him to leave. Harish saves Ayesha from Aslam and wins Nilofer’s heart. He informs Anisha about Ayesha, who is Pankhudi’s look alike.

Anisha comes to Lucknow to meet Ayesha and Nilofer. Anisha is shocked to see Pankhudi infront of her. She gets emotional. She brings Pankhudi’s photos with her and shows it to Ayesha and Nilofer. She tells them about Adi’s depression post Pankhudi’s death. She asks Ayesha to help them in bringing Adi back home and making him come out of his madness. Nilofer agrees to send Ayesha with them. Harish brings Ayesha to the Diwaan Mansion and everyone is shocked to see Pankhudi alive. Harish calls Adi and tells him that he got Pankhudi. He asks Adi to return home as soon as possible. Adi is really happy. What will be Adi’s reaction seeing Ayesha? Keep reading.






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