Shaurya feels Durga is replica of Payal’s sister Nitya in Ek Hasina Thi


Ek Hasina Thi Durga and Shaurya

Shaurya wanted to impress Durga and follows her to the ashram. He sees her with a blind old man and tells Durga that he wants to do something for him and return his eyesight. He takes him to an eye hospital and Durga is happy to see the old man getting back his eyesight. Raj and Sakshi come to meet him and are shocked to see its Madhusudan Babjee, Divya’s father. Divya was the witness of Payal’s rape case and stood against Shaurya to give the statement in Payal’s favor.


Sakshi tried to buy her with money but failed. Shaurya then kidnapped Divya and did Babjee’s accident in which he lost his eyes. Babjee was adamant to make the truth win and seek justice for Payal. The Goenkas treat poor people like animals and don’t have any humanity. They have not returned Divya to Babjee till now. Sakshi threatens Babjee to keep his mouth shut else Divya has to die. Babjee tells everything to Durga and she promises him that she will free Divya soon.

Shaurya is shocked too to know that he has helped Babjee. Shaurya thinks about Payal and her sister Nitya. He feels Nitya and Durga are very much similar, both are stubborn and don’t give him a chance to get closer. Durga burns Nitya’s pic and says Nitya is dead dropping some ashes. Is Durga Payal’s sister Nitya? Watch Ek Hasina Thi on 6th May (tonight) @ 8 PM IST to see the truth reveal.


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