Snapshot Reviews on 6th May 2014


Yeh hai Mohabbatein,
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir,
Tumhari Pakhi,
and Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:


Raman asks Romi to take Ruhi inside. The judge find strange as Ruhi is scared of Shagun and does not want to go back to her. Ruhi hugs Ishita and the judge is happy that her decision was right for Ruhi’s future. She scolds Shagun for giving them wrong impression about Raman and Ishita. She asks her not to do this again else she will put her in jail. Shagun leaves. Raman and Ishita have a sweet eyelock. Ishita leaves. Simmi argues with Raman and makes him talk to Parmeet. Raman tells her that he will try to stop Parmeet but Parmeet’s dignity is at stake so whatever he is doing is right. Raman comes to Parmeet’s room and changes his cell phone cleverly. He then talks to Parmeet and taunts him acting sweet and smiling asking him not to leave the house in the evening without meeting him. Parmeet thinks what the hell was this, was it taunt or sweet talk. Raman goes to meet Sarika and she tells him everything what Parmeet did with her. Raman asks her to help him and Ishita and he promises her that he will free her from Parmeet. Sarika agrees to help him. Vandu and Bala come to meet Ishita and offer her support. Bala says we will fire a case against Parmeet and will take him to court. Raman comes home and stops Parmeet from leaving. He says I brought someone with me who wants to meet you. Sarika steps in and Parmeet is shocked. Raman thinks about Ishita’s molestation remarks on Parmeet and gets angry. (Raman has shown that he has brain along with attitude, I wish Parmeet to get many slaps from each member of the family!!



Saras and Kumud think at the roadside looking at the hotel card not knowing what it means. Saras looks about it on the net in his phone and comes to know it’s a hotel. Kumud and Saras think maybe Kabir is kept there, but why will Ghuman make them reach Kabir and if its not her, then who is helping them and why. Saras says we will think later and rushes to the hotel. They come to know Kabir is in room 404 and till they reach, Ghuman calls her men and asks them to shift Kabir somewhere else. Kabir is taken away in the car where he tries to get free but is made unconscious again. Ghuman asks Kalika to do something to break Danny and Kusum’s relation. Kalika runs on the road and bumps into Danny telling him some goons are after her. Danny saves her from Dinesh Bhai and runs holding her hand. They hit on Danny’s head and he faints. Kalika is shocked. Saras and Kumud does not find Kabir in the room, but see the location name where he is taken next. Saras and Kumud go to that garden and try to find Kabir. A British woman eyes Saras and tells him she can help him, she knows where is that guy. Saras believes her and goes with her. Kumud warns Saras not to go with her as she looks wrong. The woman asks Saras to come alone. Saras asks Kumud to wait. The woman gets close to Saras and Saras says you are taking me wrong. Kumud sees them together and gets annoyed with Saras. Saras says you know me, I m not like this. Kumud gets upset and Saras looks at her.(Can’t blame that woman for eyeing Saras, after all he is so dashing!!)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:


Astha argues with Anjali to revive the mother in her and make her feel for Jyoti’s pain. She asks Anjali not to send Jyoti back with Abhay once they get her. Anjali says no way, Jyoti has to go back and adjust to bear all problems, she can run away for petty issues. Astha says what when the husband is bad. Anjali says husbands are never bad, the wives are bad who considers so. Astha decides to make Anjali’s position strong in the house so that everyone respects her and values her decision irrespective of Niranjan. Jyoti calls Anjali and cries. Anjali gets tears in her eyes talking to her. She asks Jyoti to come back home and then go with Abhay. Jyoti says she will not come back, she is fine and happy wherever she is. She tells her that she will never go back to Abhay. Abhay takes the phone and Jyoti ends the call. Astha asks Abhay what did he do that made Jyoti so scared of him that she does not even want to hear his voice. Abhay asks Astha not to blame him and insult him. Shlok comes there and asks whats going on. Astha tells him about Jyoti’s call. Shlok calls back on that number and finds out that she called from PCO and was with a man. Abhay taunts on Jyoti’s character which makes Shlok angry on him. Shlok tells him he won’t be alive if he is proved responsible for all this. Sid comes to know that Roshni is Varad’s sister. He comes to confront her. Kalindi and Jyoti tell him everything and he supports Jyoti. Abhay starts doubting on Astha and thinks she knows something about Jyoti. (Astha, this is your show, keep up the good work and get justice for Jyoti soon!!)

Tumhari Pakhi:


Anshuman talks to Pakhi at the terrace. He tells her how he got fooled by Tanya who planted Prithvi as Rohan in their lives and made him believe the fake reports and doubt on her character. He apologizes to her and asks her to give him one last chance to prove his love. He tells her that he won’t give her any reason to complain in future. He says I know you did not tell about our fight at home, it means you still care about me. Pakhi does not utter a word. He holds her hand and she moves back. Bhabhisa sees them coming down and smiles seeing their romance. Lavanya talks to her friend and tells about her mood swings, weakness and spicy food cravings. Her friend asks her to do the pregnancy tests. Lavanya laughs off saying I don’t want to give any hope to Girish, as if it breaks, he will be hurt. Next morning, Anshuman gets red ants bites on his chest and it itches him. Bhaisa notices it and asks Pakhi to apply oil on his chest. Anshuman removes his tshirt and Pakhi applies the oil. Bol dil se…………plays. Pakhi slips and he holds her having an eyelock. Bhaisa tells Pakhi that he will drop her to the net café but can’t bring her back. Anshuman says he will pick and drop her. Bhaisa says fine, afterall she is your responsibility and is happy. Anshuman rides the scooter for the first time and Pakhi makes Chutki sit in between them. They leave. Anshuman rides through traffic, rough roads and narrow lanes. They reach the net café. Pakhi asks him not to wait as she will come back on her own. Anshuman says as he came to drop her, he will take her back too.

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon:


Leela tells Sweety that its good Abhay died, now all the property will come to her as she is his legal wife. Sweety says she wants a husband, not property. RK hears them talking and comes to take his style of revenge. He reminds them of Leela blowing flour in his eyes and says I will be blowing red chilli powder in your eyes. Leela and Sweety are shocked and apologizes to them. Sweety gets tensed and tells him about her contract marriage for six months and she is not Abhay’s wife now. RK is happy and blows the chilli powder. Leela and Sweety scream and clean their eyes. RK tells the inspector to send Abhay’s body to Jalandhar with Dolly and Gopi. He tells him that Abhay adopted him so all his property is his now. Madhu is shocked seeing RK’s changed behavior and packs her bag to leave the house. RK stops her holding her hand. She tells him that he can’t be her Raju as he was innocent and honest, but he is a murderer and she can’t stay with him. She leaves and comes to meet Sunny. She tells him that RK killed Abhay. Sunny is shocked and feels helpless for not being to help her. Leela and Sweety come home and Sunny stops them from entering. Madhu tries to convince him to allow them but he says let dad come and decide. RK gives fake statement to the media about Abhay’s death and they believe him. RK comes to take back Madhu with him. Madhu tells him that she will call police. RK gets Leela and Sweety inside the house and talks to Sunny. He looks at Madhu calling her Rani and smiles. Madhu is much angry on him and leaves.(RK’s new attitude is turn off sometimes. Madhu is right about him. RK should not lose his innocence!!)


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