Trouble bells ringing for Chavi in Diya Aur Baati Hum

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Mohit used some contacts and his friend found out the number by which the complaint was made against Emily’s parlour. Vikram asks him to call on that number and then they will not spare the culprit. Mohit calls and is shocked to see Chavi’s phone ringing. Mohit thinks how Chavi always had the problem with Emily and was jealous of her parlour running well. He assumes that she has done all this and ends his relation with her. Chavi tells everyone that she is innocent and taunts Mohit saying maybe he is blaming her to ease out money from her rich husband Dilip.

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Dilip hears all this and feels insulted. He leaves with Chavi annoyed. Bhabho asks Chaturi to keep the mango crates in their car which Sooraj brought for her inlaws but by mistake Chaturi keeps the wine crates. This results in a big issue at Chavi’s in laws’ house. Dilip and his family feel humiliated by this act. Bhabho is informed about this and she is really ashamed. She scolds Sandhya to keeping the wine crates at home. Will Sandhya be able to sort out this matter and prove Chavi innocent? What will happen if everyone finds out the real culprit Meenakshi? Keep reading to find out.






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