Halla Bol 9th May 2014 11th Episode Bindass Written Update – Fight Casting Couch's Harassment

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Halla Bol Bindass

Karan starts the show and speaks about Nikita, a 22 year-old beautiful and confident girl who came from Chandigarh to Mumbai to become an actor. But what is the reason behind her current situation, we will find out in this episode..

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Theme of the Episode: Fight Against Casting Couch’s Harassment

The story starts with Nikita speaking with her friend Zoya on the beauty of Mumbai. Zoya says that now they will do lot of fun. Zoya says she missed Nikki a lot and Nikita responds that 16-years have passed since their friendship. Both are childhood friends while Nikita is an aspiring actress while Zoya is a journalist in Mumbai. They then spoke about Nikita’s audition which Zoya has organized for her. Nikita thanks her.

Nikita is seen giving auditions in different studios. The auditions didn’t go well. One month has passed and Nikita didn’t got selected in auditions. Nikita says that she met all the casting directors that Zoya has provided in her list but until now she din’t succeed. Zoya then motivates and suggests her to not lose hope and thinks that she will succeed soon.

In a studio Nikita’s photo falls down and a man picks it up and eyes the photo with bad thoughts and then asks his assistant about Nikita who has just left that place. That man is the owner of the studio and after seeing Nikita’s audition informs his assistant to call her. Next day, Nikita comes to the studio and meets him. He touches her and looks at her body and then tells his assistant to prepare for a look test for Nikita while also boasting that Nikita will become star one day. Nikita after hearing this becomes happy.

Nikita is then seen at home and informing Zoya about her success in getting a look test and shares her happiness. Zoya informs Nikita that the man with whom she is working – Akash Malhotra has a bad reputation in industry. Nikita says that she got a break after long time and says why to worry about his reputation. She says that all the girls that were launched by Akash became successful. Zoya insists on Akash’s bad reputation but Nikita is not listening to her. At this point, Zoya seems helpless and concerned about Nikita.

Karan Tacker (the host): After so many rejections and long wait, Nikita got a break and just for the sake of stardom, the difference between right and wrong were becoming thin and unseen. Friends, when we want something very dearly then that thing only becomes our weakness and many people take advantage of that weakness. Thus, in this situation where we have confusion, we should listen to our parents and friends. Nikita didn’t heed to Zoya’s genuine concerns about Akash, and she just went ahead in her endeavor to work with Akash.

Nikita is seen to exercise in gym and also giving auditions with Akash touching and coming close to her. She then comes home and says that she has already taken dinner outside and shows the designer clothes that she bought. She says for all these clothes her boss Akash has paid because she is his film’s heroine. When Zoya highlights that why Akash is buying dresses for her, she suggests Zoya to be calm. Zoya says that she has lived in Mumbai much longer than Nikita and knows well the people. Zoya then says that Akash will not do anything for free. Upon hearing this, Nikita tells Zoya that after she has signed a film, she is being followed by questions and feels that Zoya is also unhappy about her getting a film. Nikita says that Zoya is jealous because she couldn’t reach the position like her. Zoya becomes amused and at the same time sad after hearing Nikita’s uncalled comments.

Next day in studio, Akash eyes her when she is trying different dresses. Akash’s assistants are seeing what Akash is doing and how he is coming close to Nikita. Akash then says they need to sign the contract and takes her to his room to discuss more things. Nikita signs the contract without reading it as she trusts him a lot. Akash congratulates her.. He then offers her drink and then touches her and talks about her figure. He tells that he is very impressed with her. She responds that she has learned her lines (dialogues). He then tells that she has lot of sincerity and feels that to become top actress she can do anything. He then touches her legs after which she becomes uncomfortable and then enacts a scene from the film to avoid that situation. He tells that he want to see a bedroom scene which was after interval and wants to do that scene together. He then enacts the scene while touching her and even trying to kiss her. She starts to become uneasy. He then tells her that to become a star she has do these things so that both can be happy.

Halla Bol Casting Couch - Nikita

Nikita then becomes aggressive and says – What the hell.. He says that she needs to compromise. He says that if you want to get something she has to do according to his wish as nothing is free. Nikita says that she will not do his film and leaves from there. She comes home, cries and remembers the words of Zoya and her own words. Zoya sees her in that sad state.

Next morning, the assistant from the studio comes to meet Nikita at her home, The Assistant comes with the contract document which says that if Nikita doesn’t oblige with her contract and attends the studio then Akash will proceed with the legal action and she needs to pay a fine of 10 Lakhs rupees (1 million INR). Nikita becomes worried as she have realized her mistake of signing the contract in hurry and blindly and even without reading it. She cries and then goes to meet Akash in his studio and tells that how he can blackmail her. He tells that she cannot leave the film and will listen to him, otherwise, she needs to pay 10 Lakhs rupees. Nikita requests him to not take such action against her as she cannot pay that amount. He tells her that just make him happy once and he will leave her. He speaks on the amount of money that he has spent on her. He then touches her and stops her from leaving. He then tells that she doesn’t know anything about acting. She somehow manages to escape from his clutches and his attempt to physically abuse her. After going out, she cries and remembers Akash’s words about nothing is free, his warning about 10 Lakhs rupees and his attempt to rape her.

Nikita comes home and cries and again remembers Zoya’s words about Akash and her own negative reply to Zoya. Zoya comes home and finds Nikita sleeping. She then sleeps with her. Next morning, she tries to look for Zoya but then finds Zoya leaving in an auto. She decides to meet Zoya and finds outside that people are looking at her while they are seeing something in their phone. At some shop as well, a man stares at her, she then takes the phone from him and finds her own video – MMS of changing clothes. Nikita is shocked on seeing it and leaves that place by covering her face.

At Zoya’s office, her colleagues shows Zoya the MMS of Nikita changing clothes. Zoya becomes worried and runs to home. She tries to find Nikki at home and even calls her mobile but in vain.

Karan Tacker (the host): Says that in entertainment industry not all are like Akash but they are some who are like Akash and wants to take advantage from girls who are vulnerable. He says girls be aware that talent will only help you in getting the work, and signing a contract without reading is like challenging the danger. Better to be careful than sorry. After Akash’s severe warnings even by means of MMS as well, Nikita leaves to someplace without even telling her parents and Zoya. Zoya then becomes prepared to find out about her friend Nikita’s whereabouts. She goes to the police station to find Nikita.

Zoya shows the policeman the MMS video of Nikita. Zoya says that the MMS was shot at the behest of Akash who is a bad man. He says that he cannot arrest anybody without any proof and suggests her to provide a photo of Nikita so once they find her they will inform Zoya.

Zoya who is a journalist in Mumbai speaks with her boss about Nikita being unreachable since 1 week. Her boss says that he cannot support her in finding Zoya. Zoya then receives a call from Police and she then comes to the police station. The police inspector says that they find a girl near a park close to Churchgate and the people there told that the girl was seen sitting there for 4 days non-stop. Zoya then finds Nikita in a very tough mental state with her hairs and eyes completely not in good shape. Zoya becomes very much surprised and comes close to Nikki. Nikki doesn’t speak anything.. Zoya apologizes to her for not finding her before. She then takes Nikita to home and Nikki is is also seen with swelling in her face. A doctor attends Nikita. Zoya calls Nikita’s mother and tells the mother to not inform her husband. The doctor informs that Nikita is in full shock and suggests psychiatrist help to treat her depression. Nikita even didn’t speak with her mother even when the mother talks about mother’s day. Nikita doesn’t speak a word but she sees Zoya and her mother. Nikita is holding her emotions.. Zoya suggests to Nikita to not blame herself and says that whoever did this to her will be punished.

Halla Bol Bindass Nikita depressed

At her office in Zoya, she speaks with her senior about her plan to reveal the true face of Akash in front of everyone so whatever he did with Nikita he will not repeat the same with any other girl. Zoya goes to Akash’s studio in some revealing clothes and calls herself as Monica a girl who just came from United States and the one seeking a role in his film as he is in the process of casting. She says that she can do anything for getting the role. He tells her to give audition first and if selected she will be informed. Sooner, at her home Zoya receives a call from Akash who wants to meet her at his home.

She then goes to meet him while her boss and police is already informed about Zoya’s plan to meet Akash and nab him red-handed. Nikki and Zoya’s boss is seeing her from the hidden camera that she is carrying. Akash sees Monica and kisses her. She boasts there about paintings in his home and asks him does he really consider her for the film. He repeats the same words that he spoke to Nikita on the process of becoming a heroine. When she says she can do anything, he then touches her and says that by some compromise she can become a top actress. He touches her more viciously and she then calls help. Sooner, the media and police comes and nabs him. Akash also sees Nikita there who then slaps him hard and said Halla Bol with the support of Zoya. Nikita became happy.

Karan Tacker (the host): speaks that in the name of casting, the producer Akash was doing harassment and abuse which is wrong and at the end he got arrested with evidence. He speaks on the guest who will share her experience on casting couch.

Guest on the show: Madhura Naik (Actor): She says that if friendship is there then it should be like the friendship shown between Nikita and Zoya. She says that many girls leave their home and also come from far distance to become an actress. But they are some people who try to take undue advantage of their dreams. The struggling actress puts lot of trust on this people who promises them to give an entry into films. She says Girls your dream is not wrong but in desperation believing somebody blindly and trusting them without checking the background is wrong. People think that to make an entry into the industry you need to make compromises, but that’s all wrong. In fact, the industry works on talent, and God forbid if you find yourself in a bad situation then don’t remain silent, and stand up and fight. Fight against the situation, fight for yourself. She says never feel weak and fight. She signs off by saying Girls Halla Bol!

Karan Tacker (the host): says Girls and Guys, you need to have dreams and also its important to have dreams but its also important to know that dreams are fulfilled by hardwork and not by stubbornness. He says don’t let anybody who is in any position to hurt your self-respect. Karan signs off by saying – Don’t be silent, stand up, raise your voice and say – Halla Bol, Change Aayega.. Hum Laayenge..

Halla Bol Karan Tacker

Some Info on Cast and Guest:
Nikita – Played by actress Leena Jumani.
Leena’s Wikipedia page. She will also be seen soon in Gustakh Dil on Life Ok.
Akash Malhotra – played by actor Sachin Verma who potrayed the character of Ravi Malhotra, maternal uncle of Nikhil in Life Ok’s Gustakh Dil.
Madhura Naik: She portayed the character of Tanya in Tumhari Paakhi on Life Ok. Madhura’s Twitter page.

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Full Episode Video:
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