Comedy Nights With Kapil 10th May 2014 on Colors – Written Update with Jackie and Tiger Shroff

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Comedy Nights With Kapil

Guests on the show: Bollywood Actor and Star Jackie Shroff, his son Tiger Shroff (actor, upcoming star), and Kriti Sannon (actress, upcoming star). Heropanti team along with Jackie Shroff.

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Kapil starts the show and speaks about hero style entry. He jumps from the stairs at a low position and calls itself to be a stunt. He then welcomes Tiger Shroff who comes on the Heropanti movie title song Mera Naal and does a back spin move on stage, dances on the song and gets a standing ovation from Siddhu, Kapil and the audience present there. Kapil welcomes Tiger again and shares a joke on the scarcity of Tiger both in the forest and also in Bollywood.

Kapil then comes to him on stage and speaks on the moustache which a real tiger has, and also talks on his father moustache and then asks him Why he didn’t get a moustache until now ? Tiger replies that he is still in his younger days so moustache will come later. Kapil then says that Tiger has done a movie even before getting a moustache which is great.

Kapil then welcomes Jackie Shroff who comes on the Hero movie title song with again standing ovation from Siddhu. Jackie greets Siddhu and after that Siddhu cracks a strong line supporting Tiger’s movie Heropanti and also says that Tiger will make his name in Hollywood as well. Tiger becomes happy with Siddhu’s word and again shows a move similar to a somersault. Kapil goes and check Tiger’s leg and says whether you have spring in your body.

Comedy Nights With Kapil Jackie Shroff 1

Kapil asks Jackie sir about how he feels coming on the show. Kapil then speaks with Tiger on the pressure of been a filmstar son and people have more expectations from his film, Tiger says that he cannot compete with his father.

Kapil speaks about Jackie’s entry in 1980’s when he made an entry with a Bansuri (flute). Jackie says that he never thought in life he got whatever he gets. Kapil speaks on his movie Hero where he has kidnap a heroine but looked gentle as well. Jackie sir speaks on his entry in film where he first started in modeling and he shares the experience how he joined modeling. He just gave a measurement and started modeling and even at that time he didn’t a cupboard at home but has got suits invoking a laughter. Asha chandra used to teach him acting and all the 3 phones in his neighbors were in his name. He talks about working with Asha Chandra and meeting Dev Saab. Then, Dev Saab told him that he will give him a role as a second lead in the movie after seeing him day in/day out on the sets. Later, he came to know that Mithun Da has got the second lead and got a role of Shakti Kapoor’s assistant.

Kapil asks him about his inspiration in films. Jackie sir that he used to emulate Sunil Dutt and when he used to walk like him the girls used to go far away from him. He used to listen songs on radio and learnt about Romance. He learnt romance from Dev Saab and walk from Dutt saab. Kapil speaks about Sr. Bachchan kid’s asking for Jackie sir’s autograph. Jackie shares the experience of signing autographs for the kids of Sr. bachchan and later realized that he became a star. Kapil then talks about pairing with Anil Kapoor as his elder brother. He talks about the movie Parinda (1989 – Indian crime drama film) where Anil has told him that he wants to work with him since if he didn’t work then Naseeruddin shah would have been chosen to play the role of elder brother. Kapil then speaks with Tiger on the differences between Hero and Heropanti. Tiger says that both movies are romantic and also has action.

Bua comes in on the stage and greets Jackie sir with a garland. She says about her wait for Jackie sir. She tells him to kidnap her like the same he did with his heroine Meenakshi in the movie Hero. She then talks on his movie – Karma (1986 – directed by Subhash Ghai) where they was a honeymoon scene in the truck and she wants to go with Jackie. She says that her eyes are same like Sridevi and tells Bittu to shut up as he speaks about her face. Bua then holds Jackie’s hand and says that she like man who has moustache and feels the feeling of macho man. Jackie says does she get a macho man feeling.. .. Bua then speaks with Tiger that there are some men who looks beautiful even without a moustache… Bittu says that if she would have married on time then she would have a got a baby like Jackie sir’s. She speaks with Tiger why she doesn’t get a boyfriend and calls herself 22-year old girl. Tiger suggests her to understand her true age and then she can easily find a boyfriend.

Comedy Nights With Kapil Jackie Shroff and Bua

Kapil shows photos of characters from Jackie’s movies which he refer it to as co-actors. The first one shown is the dog Moti from Jackie’s movie Hero. In the photo, Jackie is touching Moti with great love and affection which is a scene from the movie Hero (1983). Kapil speaks on the love shown by Moti in the movie. He then asks Jackie about his love for animals or whether he has fear of animals. Jackie responds and speaks on that shot with Moti and says that he should get an oscar for it. The reason being that as dogs become big he is afraid of them. During the shot he was afraid of the dog. Kapil cites an experience of Jackie during his visit to the music composer house – Laxmikant. Jackie responds about the incident that happened in Laxmikant ji’s house where unknowingly he was bitten by his dog when he went to eat at the dinner table. The dog was sleeping beneath the table and jackie put his foot on the dog and thereby getting a bite on his right thigh and very much close to his upper part of his body invoking a laughter.

Kapil says that he has never seen this side of Jackie sir. On the LED display, a snake is seen from the movie – Doodh ka Karz 1990. In that final scene, the villains have hold him in ropes and his brother comes to help him and both see each other and after some time 50 snakes comes in.. A camel is then shown from the movie Border and Jackie sir shares his experience and says that soldiers are the real soldiers and shares how the soldier easily deals with Camel. Jackie fell down from the camel during the shoot and suffered on his legs and back.

Kapil says that the release of the movie is like wedding and already the bride groom is here which is Tiger and then invites Kriti Sannon on stage who is the heroine of Heropanti.. he says how does she feel to come on his show. She says that all his friends and family are fans of his show and she is excited to come on his show. Kapil talks on her height (6 ft) and waist size (12 inches) and asks whether she grows vegetables in her garden. She says that she is from Delhi and then he tells that he likes Delhi and asks more about her. She speaks on having completed Engineering with Electronics and Communication. Kapil then says because of her electronics study when touched she emits current.

Kapil speaks about the popularity of their movie on the Internet and even their own curiosity about the movie.

Audience speaks:

Jackie ji is tall dark and handsome and also his son is fair and husband.
Jackie sir then shows his leg and hand which are fair. She then speaks about his college days time and asks him how does it differ in making a girl fall for him ? Kapil steps in and says that her question is not correct since Jackie sir is not making a girl fall for him now.. And also her question is incorrect for Tiger as well as he was not born at that time.. Jackie comes to that women and kisses her hand. She says that she is quite confident that many girls in audience have their heart beating for Jackie. Kapil then confirms that Jackie sir legs are indeed fair. He even refers to women as Beedhu..In the audience, Jackie’s friends (women) from his college days are sitting and Jackie asks them to speak about his college days. They speak that Jackie was lots of fun and he never teased them and was very humble.

Upon Jackie sir’s request, Kapil sings the song – Bicchde abhi to hum..Bas kal parsu..jiyunge main kaise iss haal mein barson.. Maut na aaye teri yaad kyun aayi hain lamdi judaai.. song.

Audience speaks with Tiger and asks about the kissing scene in his movie and asks him how does he build a rapport with his co-star..
Tiger: says that he is very lucky to have Kriti as his co-star.. He then says that his mouth was close during the kiss referring to the imitation of the kiss on-screen. Jackie sings the song.. Babuji dheere chalna to tease his son..

Audience: Kishore says that he was just idle so wanted to ask a question,.

Asks Jackie sir that he wants to see father-son duo dance on the song with flute. Jackie then dances a bit on the flute music.. Then Tiger dances on the Mera Naal song from Heropanti and Kapil then hugs Kriti by making an excuse that there was a pit.

Audience: says that he is a fan of Jackie sir from the time of Hero movie. The audience wants Jackie to show Herogiri and Heropanti to him and his son..
Jackie’s Quote (which was a reply to the audience):
There is no such thing like Herogiri and Heropanti. Just give and take respect, and the rest is to enjoy and have fun.

Audience asks Tiger to teach him a stunt as he never did a stunt.
The man comes on the stage and Tiger first enacts a spinning shot where his foot goes over the man’s head so smoothly. After this, the man also repeats the same shot with Tiger and then leaves.

Daadi comes on the stage with a bang on the song – Sheeshe se sheeshe takraiya Jhalak song. Daadi is drunk and asks him does he remember her ? He says that he doesn’t know..She speaks the words Yaadein bhool jaate hain baate yaad aate hain.. She asks him does he remember the time when they were about to kiss. But at that time, from nowhere Subhash Ghai came on a Ding Dong song and led them to stop their kiss. She then dances with him on the song – Sheeshe se sheeshe takraiya. She says that she will make Ludhiana for him. Bittu says that patiala is a drink name so what is Ludhiana. Daadi responds that when two patiala are added then sum up to a Ludhiana drink.

Sooner, Palak comes on the the stage on a small scooty (Luna) on the Ding Dong Oh baby sing song. Pyaar ke Shaam ka.. She greets Jackie. Daadi is also seen on stage. When Bittu taunts Palak on her Luna, She then says that she filled the petrol in Luna by her mouth 2 times. She gives them Laddoos (Sweets) and Bittu asks her whether her mother became mother another time. Palak says that she successfully auditioned for a film and will act in Heropanti..Bittu says that Heropanti film is already complete as the star cast is already sitting here. Palak says that she got deceit and takes away Laddoos from them. She becomes unhappy and says that she even paid 2,500 INR as the Ad wanted a 16-year old girl. Palak wants everybody to ignore Bittu and shouts her trademark Oooh… sound.. Palak is not misbehaving with Jackie sir and wants to share a quote..Palak then wants to speaks a quote – Mein Jab Bi Is Ghar mein Aati hoon, Bittu sharma Kha jaate hain mera Bheja…and then sings Goriye Goriye mera dil chura ke leja. and even dances on the song. Jackie sir is amused with her performance. But Bittu is unimpressed and tells her to take Babaji ka Thullu from inside and then go and with this Daadi becomes excited as well.

Palak wants to dance with Tiger and wants Kriti to sing, Kriti agrees to sing and Tiger agrees to dance. Kriti sings Gajra Mohabbat wala Ainkhyon mein aisa dala song on stage while Palak and Tiger dancing.. Jackie begins to sing by continuing the song and sings – Duniye hain mera piche Lekin main te piche… The director of the movie Heropanti – Sabbir Khan comes on the stage. Kapil congratulates on his movie Heropanti.. After that Daadi and Palak starts to fight and exchange some blows much to the surprise of everyone there and even goes to Siddhu’s chair. To mediate the fight between Daadi and Palak, Tiger intervenes to resolve their conflict. Daadi jumps on this chance moment and kisses Tiger thus showering her trademark Shagun ki Pappi, and calls that kiss as Sood (interest) and then Kisses Jackie and tells that kiss to be the original one. Tiger then repeats the back spin move with his leg.. Kapil thanks Jackie sir and also congratulates Heropanti team and tells the audience to watch Heropanti on 23rd May. Kapil signs off by saying love animals, respect women and watch his show on Colors in a SRK style with the song Left right playing in background. The show ended on a happy note.

CNWK Kapil Kriti and Tiger

Images credit: Twitter pages of Colors TV and Tiger Shroff Fan Club

Full Episode 10th May Video: Heropanti team and Jackie Shroff
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