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Ishq Kills Episode 13

Rudra pushes his wife Neena in the pool. She asks him to save her saying she can’t swim. He looks at her enjoying her state and then atlast pulls her out saying it may rain now. She says she does not like swimming, still she is learning, as Rudra wants her to learn. She says I m sorry Rudra, I m very afraid of water. Rudra says you started again. She says no, psychiatrist was saying video recording can help. He says no, take these medicines. He makes her have the medicines and says your problem is you are not strong at mind. He leaves. Its morning, few club’s staffmen play cards and are worried Rudra Sir can know. They think we play late night, Rudra Sir will be with Neena or with….. The waiter says whats the risk to play after duty. The man says it’s a big circus here.

Ishq Kills

He says I will tell you in detail come. He shows the king Rudra Pratap, the owner of the club and Neena’s husband. Rudra walks in. The man says Neena is the queen, she is the real owner of the club and Rudra’s wife. The ace is Neena’s dad, this club was his but his death, this club became of Rudra. The waiter asks why are everyone afraid of him. The man says as he is somewhat psycho. Miss Sabrina Fernandes meets Rudra and says the thing you did last night…..Rudra hurts her feet and says you are forgetting this is my club, not your hotel room where we meet, these things should not be talked here. He says your clients are waiting in gym, don’t make them wait, have a good day. The man says Rudra was in military, and looks calm. Rudra bumps into them. The glass breaks. The waiter says sorry Sir. Rudra leaves correcting his bow tie.


Rudra walks in his office and Sabrina is present there. He asks her to get out. She leaves and comes to Rudra’s house. She knocks the door and Neena asks her to leave saying you ruined my life. Sabrina says I did not ruin, I m your friend. Neena says you are my enemy. Sabrina says your enemy is Rudra. Neena asks what do you mean. Sabrina shows her some documents. Sabrina removes her glasses and shows her eye hurt saying Rudra. She says till when will we bear this, think about your baby, if Rudra does this with him too. Neena says no, he loves me, even having you in his life. Sabrina says then why did he hide the pregnancy report. He does not love you. Neena says what do you want. Sabrina says I want to save you and me and bring out his truth. Neena says I won’t do this. Sabrina says I did bad with you, now want to do something good, if you worry about your child, run away. Neena says he will not let me run. Sabrina says so give him divorce. Neena says he won’t allow me. Sabrina says I have a plan and tells her.


Neena meets Rudra and asks why did you hide my pregnancy reports. He said who told you this. She throws the reports on him and says why did you lie to me, that its negative. Rudra thinks of Sabrina and says Sabrina….. I will not leave her. Neena says will you kill everyone. He says calm down Neena. He says you are right, I don’t want this child, do you know why, because of you, look at yourself, wine, medicines, your brain is weak, you are not capable to give birth. Neena says I m afraid if the child becomes like you. He throws the wine on her face. She says I want divorce. He says stop this nonsense. She says I will leave you. He smiles and asks why, do you plan to run, where will you run, you know its not so easy. He says try if you want. She says I decided. He laughs. She says you made me mad. He says wake up, forget we married, now only Lord can separate us, we will live and die together, and I will see Sabrina now. He kisses her and drinks. He leaves in his car.

Sabrina comes and says I have failed his car’s brakes, he won’t be save now. Rudra leaves and sees the brakes not working. Sabrina asks Neena to come with her. Sabrina and Neena follow him. Rudra sees GOOD BYE on the mirror and jumps off before the car hits. Neena and Sabrina think he died. Neena says we have killed Rudra. They come home. Neena says I have all my love and life to him. Sabrina says even I loved him a lot that I forgot myself, he is even there in my heart now. They drink wine. Sabrina says what did he do for us. Sabrina says we have not killed him, but we saved our lives to save this child. Neena says he was not perfect, he tortured us and what did we do, we killed him. Sabrina says he did love us, he wanted to take the club from you. Neena cries. Sabrina calms her down. Its morning, Neena wakes up and thinks about Rudra’s death.


The inspector Dilip comes to meet them as he is handling Rudra’s case and says they did not get Rudra and they are finding him. He says I need your help. He says can you tell me what happened that night. Neena says he came late and was worried. She says he started drinking, I stopped but he did not listen. She says then he left taking the car keys. Sabrina says he used to drink a lot. Sabrina says we are like family. Dilip sees some wounds on Neena’s body. Neena hides it. Dilip asks was there any problem between you and him. Neena says yes, its time for my medicines. Her hand shakes and she eats the medicines. He notices this and asks can I see its prescription. Sabrina says she is mentally disturbed as her husband is missing, ask her any other day. Dilip says don’t worry, I will update you as soon as I find him. Neena sees her medicines finished. She sees her and Rudra’s happy pic. She thinks of the good times. Ye ishq hai………………plays…………… She sees Rudra passing by in the relfection in the pic frame. She turns and there is no one. She gets scared and runs out of the house. She says what did I do, I killed Rudra, Lord don’t forgive me, punish me. She holds her head and faints.



Rudra comes to her and wakes her up calling out Neena. She wakes up and is shocked to see Rudra. He disappears and there is Sabrina infront of her. She asks are you fine. Neena says where are my pills. Sabrina says that pills are not good for you and your child. Neena says I want my pills. Sabrina says that pills are drugs, don’t tell anyone what we did, now your life is about your child, my life is also connected, if anyone come to know, we will be ruined. Neena feels guilty and says we should be ruined, we killed him. Sabrina says he would have killed us. Neena says I will go and confess everything. Dilip is my student and he will understand me. Sabrina says but why. Neena says as he did not die, he will come back and make our life hell. Sabrina says we killed him. Neena says no, they did not get his body, he did not die. Sabrina says I got a call from police, they asked you to come and identify the body, get to the morgue now. Neena says we will get punished, I did a big mistake. Dilip shows the body to them. Neena is scared. Sabrina says don’t scare her much, she is pregnant. Dilip asks Mam, are you pregnant.


Neena nods yes, did he had any problem with this pregnancy. Sabrina says I think this question is not right, you should find Rudra, she needs bed rest. Sabrina takes Neena. Dilip says I have to investigate at your home, when can I come. Neena says whenever you want. They come home. Neena feels burdened by the guilt. She takes the tablet and video records. She says I m finding difficult to stay without medicines, but Sabrina says doctors asked me not to take such medicines. She says I don’t understand, I m sure Rudra is alive, I can feel his presence. I can see him everywhere, I feel everyone are joking with me, I know I did big mistake, Sabrina and I killed Rudra and I will be punished. Dilip comes to meet her. He says I knocked at the door a lot, no one opened so I was afraid did anyone do you something. She says I m not well, come later. He says what happened to you, I came to help you. She says my medicines ended. He says I hope you are not hiding anything.

Dilip says you were always special to me. If you want to tell me anything, tell me, you can trust me. Neena says I feel like Rudra is alive. Dilip says are you hiding anything. She says I want to tell everything. Sabrina comes there and Neena stops. Sabrina asks him to go out. Neena says I was telling him that….. Sabrina hugs Neena and says she can’t talk to anyone, she is getting dreams, she has lost her senses, doctor gave medicines, please excuse us. Neena stops Dilip and says this tablet is damaged, please make this well. Dilip takes the tablet and leaves. Sabrina tries to stop him, but could not. Sabrina asks Neena are you in love with Dilip. Neena says I fell in love only once, not like you. Sabrina says what were you telling him. Neena says that you convinced me to kill Rudra. Neena says I can see Rudra’s blood in my hands, I wash my hands 100 times in a day, still it does not go. Sabrina says be careful, shut your mouth, I won’t go to jail because of you. Neena says I m not afraid of you, Rudra will punish you and me. Dilip tells the commissioner that Neena wants to tell me something, but is not saying. The commissioner says Rudra will come back, maybe he took leave, shut this case and stop wasting time. Dilip says I got her personal tablet, maybe it has something.


Neena sleeps and thinks about Rudra. She wakes up and falls. She drinks wine. Neena hears xeros printer working. She comes there and there are lots of prints with Justice written on it. Rudra comes and puts her head on the Xerox machine. Her pics comes on it. He throws her on the ground and Neena falls. Sabrina hugs Rudra. Sabrina says is she dead. He says yes. She says our plan was not right, she took much time to die. She says there is someone in between us now. Rudra says postmortem will prove she had heart attack and died, after three days I will come back, we have to erase all the proofs. He says I will make this room well. He then looks at Neena and thinks he punished her. He says nature ends the person who is weak. He keeps the justice printed papers inside. He says your weakness was affecting the society. He says your weakness became the reason for your death. He says the one who does not know to live, should die. Dilip sees the videos and is shocked to see Neena’s confessions. They see Rudra in photo frame reflections. Dilip says Rudra Pratap being shocked.


Sabrina says Rudra, finally we are together. I m very happy, I waited a lot for this day. Rudra is about to kiss Sabrina and she is shocked. She looks at the blood in her hands. She touches his face and falls. Neena shooted her. Rudra says Neena, you were dead, you had heart attack. Neena says my heart is not so weak, that you think. Its good you both were made for each other, go to hell now. Rudra says I love you a lot. She says don’t come closer. She shoots him too. Rudra falls. Bas ishq hai……………………..plays…………………. Dilip comes there and claps. He says its good Neena, superb performance. He smiles holding her hand. He cuts her hand. She says what did you do. He says he tried to kill you with this knife, then I came here to do my investigation and killed him to save you, simple and sad. He says end of story. He holds her and she says if I did not meet you, maybe I would be dead today. He says come lets go. They look at each other. Dilip was Neena’s lover. She tooks her boyfriend’s help when she came to know about Rudra’s girlfriend Sabrina. She killed Sabrina as she befriended her and cheated her. Nina and Dilip see Rudra and Sabrina’s dead bodies lying on the ground. Nina says everything is fair in love and war.


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    Complicated story wid lots of twists n turns..
    Wat abt d Neenas pill n child?? Whose child s it??

    1. tellyreviews Avatar

      Looks like Neena left her pills long time ago and was fooling Rudra and Sabrina acting weak and addictive. And about the child, it was not shown and a mystery.

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    Thnx for clarifying my doubts

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