Snapshot Reviews on 10th May 2014

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Yeh hai Mohabbatein,
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir,
and Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:


Raman asks Ishita not to drape this long length of clothes. He sees the red saree she selected. She says the foreigners love to see this Desi clothes. He says are you standing in elections, its posh lounge, not Malayalam Tamil association hall, where people will bring flowers on their heads. Mihir tells his plan to everyone to make Ishita and Raman spend some time with each other on this romantic date. Ruhi says you lied. Mihir says it’s a secret, don’t tell this to Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says he thinks so much for Raman, I think we will book Emerald hall for him, we will do his engagement well. We will go to see the venue in evening and asks Simmi will she come. Simmi agrees to come along. Vandu hears some girls praising Bala and saying they will take Sunday lectures to stare at him. Vandu says good choice your husband is still trendy. She comes to Bala while he is resting. She tells him do you wear such clothes to impress your students. He says what to do, I have to maintain to compete with my hot wife. Romi comes in and Vandu stands far. Romi asks about papers. Bala signs him to be quiet. Vandu says why do you take Romi light, I heard he was close to Jaffer. Bala thinks being worried.Raman asks Ishita to hurry up and gets Tandon’s call about his sister’s engagement. Everyone leave thinking Raman and Ishita left. Raman sees the door locked. Ishita comes and says Raman you are still here. He turns and is shocked seeing her looking stunning in the blue dress he gifted her.They both have a cute argument and make each other jealous by talking about their earlier love stories. She tells about Subbu and he tells about his college crush Sonali. It’s a must watch scene with good dialogues.



Kumud and Saras get Kabir’s jacket and look for him. Ghuman smiles seeing Saraswati’s pic and says I m sending your sons to you, I did not let you live with peace and not giving peace even after your death, I can hear your shouts for your sons and I m feeling so good. Kabir is kept somewhere tied to the chair. The man comes to them with a box. The man gives a box to Saras. Saras asks where is my brother. He says I don’t know, I m just a messengerHe gets a chit with Street Park Godown written. Saras says we got Kabir’s address. Danny books his Dubai tickets for tonight. Danny sees Kusum standing at the door. She says you have to gain trust by proving yourself innocent. He says I don’t have anything to prove. Kusum brings Danny home and calls Kalika. Kusum says I m deciding who is right or wrong, he was leaving for Dubai without telling anyone. Kumud and Saras come to the godown. They see Kabir caught there. Kabir says Saras and smiles. The goons see Saras. Saras says nothing will happen, I came. Kabir shouts Saras. It gets dark and Saras is caught by the goons. Kusum says I will take Kalika to hospital for tests, then everyone will know Kalika is right. Yash says yes Kalika, do the tests and prove him wrong. Send Danny to jail. Danny understand Kusum’s plan. Kusum says come Kalika, prove it. Kalika says I can’t go Kusum, as I have lied. Everyone is shocked. Saras wakes up and sees Kabir and Kumud tied on the chairs. Kabir says don’t come here, we are tied to bombs. Yash holds Kalika and says why, how dare you blame Danny. Kalika says Ghuman asked me to do this. Danny is shocked. Ghuman sings happy birthday to you on videochat. She says don’t try to free them Saras, else you all will die. Ghuman says these two are dies with death, lets see who gets a life, but the problem is if anyone move, the second bomb will activate and then blast. You have 10 mins and then will be the blast, save anyone you want. Saras is worried.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:


Astha says this was the gift which I wanted to give you on your birthday, accept it. Jyoti says Aai. Anjali hugs her and cries. Anjali asks Jyoti to come inside and meet Abhay. She asks him to apologize to Abhay and go back with him. Jyotu refuses. Jyoti says you don’t know the truth, my decision is firm, I won’t go back to the hell, you don’t know everything, you will cry when you know this, he beats him a lot, will you see the marks on my body. Jyoti says please try to understand, I want to give birth to my daughter. Anjali says girl? It’s a daughter. Abhay sees her and says there is something wrong. Abhay comes and holds her hand. Jyoti is shocked to see Abhay. Sid says you stay in limits, are you not ashamed to beat women. Abhay tells Sid that he is her husband. Abhay drags Jyoti inside the party. Abhay says she was having fun with this guy, leaving me. Abhay says the truth is out, do you know what society calls such men. Shlok says shut upJyoti hugs Shlok. Abhay says I will accept Niranjan’s decision. Niranjan says Jyoti you lost the right to say anything, you made me ashamed, now its clear, you have to go back with Abhay. Jyoti says please, don’t send me with him. Anjali cries and leaves. Astha goes to talk to Anjali. She says this is not first time, Abhay did her two abortions. Astha says do something, she is your daughter and she is pregnant. Anjali says Astha, I can’t do anything, what is my value, I can’t say anything. Astha says you can say, its about your Jyoti’s life, show some strength, when will you say. Anjali says you feel its so easy.Astha says you have to stop her and fight for your daughter, Jyoti and her child is asking justice, if anything happens to them, you will be responsible. Anjali stops Astha and says requests her to save Jyoti.

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon:


Madhu says she won’t do anymore rituals. Bai ji and Dau ji scold him. RK says don’t be angry, she is my wife, not a village girl, I will explain her to do all the rituals and she will do. He pushes her to sit. Bai ji asks the pandit to do the rituals. They put milk on Madhu’s head. Bhabhi comes there. Dau ji scolds her saying keep the burning coal in your hands and do her mum dikhai. Madhu is shocked. She keeps it and Bhabhi cries in pain as her hand burns. Madhu says are you all mad, are you not ashamed to do this, how can you torture a widow like this, if her husband died, whats her mistake. Everyone are shocked. Bhanu scolds her and threatens to kill her. He says RK, whom did you bring, tell her if any bahu speaks in this house, their tongue is cut. Bhanu takes a gun and aims at Madhu. RK takes the gun and says even I know to take the gun, but I know whom to shoot. RK throws the gun and says she is my wife. They both have an argument and Dau ji stops them. RK says fine, hear me what she is, she is the one who made me fine. He says I was a 8year child, I became well because of her.He says if anyone misbehaves with her, I will shoot him and not think who is he. Madhu leaves with the women. Agni says wear this Mata Chunni, when you go bathroom, take a bath and wear this. Madhu’s phone rings. Agni says women don’t keep phones in our house, use Bai ji’s phone and speak on speaker. They scold her for calling her husband’s name.RK and Dau ji have a cool talk. Dau ji asks RK and Bhanu not to fight as they both have to take care of his business. Madhu says I want to talk to RK. Bai ji says he will be with men. Agni says keep RK away till you are Devi, get ready now. They lock Madhu and go. Madhu knocks the door. Madhu cries and says I want to go my home.


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  1. rainv7bow Avatar

    Day by day YHM s becoming more interesting. Love IshMan nok Jhok.. Ramans soni s Ishu..
    Happy wid Dannys innocence proven.. No cmnt n Ghuman 👿
    Bye Abhay.. Jail s waiting for U.. Hope tat Astha snds Niranjan too

  2. tabinda hussain Avatar

    I love you Divyanka tripathi. You are so beautiful and soooo tallented .I love your smile style and every thing.mmmmuuuaaaaaaaaa love you:-)

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