Suresh vows to fight and not buckle down to the taunts of Aakash's mother in KumKum Bhagya

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Kumkum Bhagya Zee

Suresh has got a promise from Abhi’s grandmother that she will make sure that Aakash and Rachna get married if what Suresh is saying is correct regarding Aakash being the father of Rachna’s unborn child. Suresh and his family is relieved with Daadi’s words and even Rachna also feels happy about it.

As Suresh and Pragya were about to disclose about the misunderstanding about their love and their decision to call off the marriage with their parents, Aakash and her parents comes to meet Suresh’s family for seeking the hand of Rachna for marriage. Suresh’s mother Madhavi and others initially were oblivious to the actual intention of Aakash’s mother- Pammi. They greet Aakash’s family with affection and even Suresh thanks them for coming to their home so quickly. Sooner, Pammi starts to taunt Rachna by asking about her previous boyfriends the ones before Aakash. She even asks her why she became pregnant so soon under the assumption that her son has really married her. When Aakash was asked about marriage, he blatantly refuses the marriage claim and says he didn’t marry Rachna. Rachna asks him why is he lying and he feels shame internally. Pammi continues to inflict insult and taunt Rachna further by questioning her character and wants a DNA test to prove indeed Aakash is the biological father of the child.

At this point, Suresh steps in again unable to control his anger as things were going out of hand with Rachna being insulted a lot. After Suresh’s intervention, Pammi becomes annoyed and goes out of their home and wishes not to talk further. Madhavi stops her and begs her to listen them but Pammi attitude remains unchanged and she degrades Rachna much more. All the people in the neighborhood hears the taunts of Pammi about Rachna’s character and her pregnancy. She says that the child is of somebody else and unnecessarily her son is made the target. She even taunts on their street narrowness and locality to demean them. They then leaves making Suresh’s family and Pragya’s family in tears and sadness. Suresh is stunned with the insults from Pammi and even from his neighbors as they say him that he was good enough to file PIL (public interest litigation) but could not control his sister..

Suresh becomes defiant and vows to fight back for defending the respect of Rachna while at the same time not to buckle down with the taunts of Pammi. He says that he will undertake DNA test not for them or for his family but just for the sake of evidence and then go to them with that evidence and prove that Aakash is indeed the father of Rachna’s unborn child. Suresh makes it clear that in any situation he will not desire to keep a relationship with Aakash and his family. He vows to give them a fitting reply and insult them greatly for all the damage they brought to his family.

On a different note, Abhi and Pragya had a chance meeting on the road when the mud there flashes on pragya’s face due to Abhi’s fast driving. Bulbul throws a stone at Abhi’s car with anger and Abhi then comes out to speak with them but Bulbul is not there as she goes to fetch water. Abhi and Pragya have a argument about that incident, and he argues that some minutes from his precious 1 hr which is worth 4 Million rupees was wasted due to their argument. Pragya explains the meaning of 1 hr time for her which is priceless as it has different emotions – food with family, mother’s worry, students and has people’s satisfaction and happiness whereas Abhi’s time has only money as worth. At the end, he comes to know that she is a teacher and leaves from there with song [apne rutha paraiya….wade tuta..Allah wariya..main to wariya.. tuti waariya] playing in background but couldn’t figure out that she was the same girl who shouted at him at the mall. Both Abhi and Pragya aren’t impressed with each other and doesn’t wish to cross each other’s path next time.

How would Abhi and his Daadi will react once they know about DNA test proposal from Pammi and her actual intent ? What more plans will Aakash’s mother – Pammi will make to demean Rachna more in the coming days ? How Abhi and Pragya will come close, whether Abhi’s Daadi will be a catalyst to mend their dislikes for each other ? Stay tuned to KumKum Bhagya on Zee TV @ 9 PM IST (Mon-Fri).

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2 responses to “Suresh vows to fight and not buckle down to the taunts of Aakash's mother in KumKum Bhagya”

  1. pari Avatar

    its enough yaar..we just want to see pragya and abhi together scenes.since serial has started we are getting to see only suresh suresh suresh…
    Abhi’s screen presence is very less but sabar ka phal meetha hota hope that pragya and abhi’s chemistry will rock.

  2. rainv7bow Avatar

    Abhi n pragya ll end together

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