Durga’s smart way of tackling her evil targets and helping the righteous in Ek Hasina Thi

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Ek Hasina Thi Star Plus

Till now, Durga has knocked down Goenka Group CEO Mr. Navin Mathur, Kolkata Police Commissioner Mr. Sahani, and her current track is Sakshi’s best friend and confide Raima Maheshwari, a Page 3 socialite.

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Durga has shown Mathur the true side of Goenka family. She used his laptop in his absence and has sent threatening mails to Sakshi about reopening Shaurya’s rape case. Sakshi was given all the clues against Mathur and he was sent to jail by Goenkas. Mathur promised them that he will not leave them and will be back one day. Shaurya reminded him that they were the rulers and he was the executor, so if he reopens the case, he will also get punished. Shaurya asks him to shut his mouth else he will lose his life. Mathur had no option but to lose out to Goenkas.

Mr. Sahani was the incharge of Shaurya’s rape case. He had all the evidences against Shaurya, such as his DNA test report which proved him guilty. Sakshi bribed him and he erased all the proof. Nitya, Payal’s sister, now called Durga, tried to convince him to support Payal and get Shaurya punished. Nitya told him to think if this would have happened with his daughter. Sahani replied her proudly that Payal is a driver’s daughter so this happened, but this won’t happen with his daughter, as he is the commissioner of police and his daughter is of high rank. Avantika fell in love with Shaurya. Shaurya trapped her in his fake love and spent a night with her, telling her that he loves only her and will marry her soon. Avantika believed him and tells her dad Sahani to take her marriage proposal to Goenkas. Sahani is shocked knowing Shaurya’s character. He calls Goenkas on dinner and talks about Shaurya and Avantika’s marriage. Shaurya lets them down and refuses to marry Avantika. Avantika gets broken and is about to commit suicide. She stops getting Durga’s letter. Sahani confesses his mistake to Avantika and apologizes to her. He regrets thinking about Nitya’s words thinking he could not save his daughter from Shaurya. Rajnath transfers Sahani to some other city thinking he may take revenge from Shaurya.

Next track was on Madhusudan Babjee, Divya’s dad. Durga is not targeting him, but helping him to find his daughter. Divya and Babjee were the helping people in the rape case. Divya as the eye witness of Payal’s rape and wanted to give her statement against Shaurya in the court. Shaurya kidnapped Divya and did Babjee’s accident in which he lost his eyesight. Durga makes Shaurya return his eyes, fooling him of social service. Shaurya is shocked to see its Babjee, whom he has helped in getting back his eye sight. Sakshi asks Shaurya to stay away from Babjee. Durga promises Babjee that she will find Divya and bring her back.

The current target of Durga is Raima, who succeeded to get divorce from her husband Jatin. Durga earns a place in her good books. Durga found that Raima has a love affair with Rajnath Goenka. She thinks to find out more about them, before breaking this truth to Sakshi. While Sakshi’s right hand Akash found out about Durga seeing her with Payal. He shows the pics to Sakshi and she is shell shocked. Sakshi forwards the pics to Shaurya and he can’t believe its revenge and hatred behind Durga’s beautiful face. Will Durga be caught by Shaurya or will she cleverly cook up any story to save herself? Find out in Ek Hasina Thi on Star Plus.


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