Sameer to join Army for shouldering his responsibilities after realizing hidden love for Meher in Nadaan Parinde

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Nadaan parindey

Sameer has stopped Meher’s marriage by his confession of love on her marriage day. After this event, Meher’s father Mangal and mother Nimmi has disowned her from their home and Meher takes shelter at Bebe’s home. Bebe is angry with Sameer and she has disowned him from her home. Without any shelter, Sameer goes and stays in a Mazaar (shrine).

At the shrine, the shrine caretaker, Baba makes him realize about his hidden love for Meher. In this way, Sameer realizes his love for Meher. He then goes and try to profess his love for Meher but in vain. Sameer’s mother Bebe informs him that if he was responsible enough then Meher would have been married with him instead of looking elsewhere like Canadian proposals. After hearing this, Sameer understands more concretely that in order to win Meher’s love and marry her he needs to be very responsible and shoulder responsibilities.

As his attempt to express his sincere love to Meher became futile, he then goes to Mangal and Nimmi but they humiliate him by saying that he is useless person without any responsibilities and even financially taken care by Bebe as he has no job. Sameer learns more on the importance of responsibilities in his life. At Meher’s home, Nimmi informs Bebe about Sameer’s marriage proposal seeking hand of Meher. Bebe becomes amused as she didn’t know about such an activity from Sameer. Purab comes in with his mother and tells Bebe that he will talk with Sameer about it. Bebe and Meher decides to talk with Sameer on this development.

In the promo it is seen that Sameer has joined army. When asked why does he want to join Army, he responds that to become responsible. He says that he can do things like working in kitchen, washing clothes just to become a soldier which will allow him to marry Meher. He is then seen cleaning roads and Meher sees him doing the same. Sameer is also seen participating in army drills and his senior officer seems to be impressed with his dedication and gives him a rifle by saying that he needs to go on a war. Sameer looks a bit hesistant on hearing about it.

Sameer might have got help from Purab in joining the army training. If Sameer goes far from Meher, this will be an advantage from Purab and thus it might be the case that Purab has put more efforts in sending Sameer away for army training. The first default question is – Does this army training will change Sameer from a carefree guy to a responsible soldier and person ? and other questions are, Will Meher accepts his unconditional and true love easily ? What would Purab do to halt Sameer’s blossoming love for Meher ? How would Purab convince Meher for marrying him ? Stay tuned to Nadaan Parinde on Life Ok @ 6:30 PM (Mon-Fri) with repeat telecast at 9 PM

Nadaan Parinde Promo: Good Change in Sameer’s Life: Sameer joins Army for becoming a Soldier and win Meher’s heart
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3 responses to “Sameer to join Army for shouldering his responsibilities after realizing hidden love for Meher in Nadaan Parinde”

  1. rainv7bow Avatar

    So Love is the cause of Change n sameer.. Since 1st episode n promo I was wondering abt reason f Sameers change

  2. sammy Avatar

    no it isn’t meher’s love that change’s him. the story is that sameer joins the army and goes to war but goes missing in action to be found months later a completely changed man. what happened during his time lost in action that sameer came back a completely changed man is what forms the crux of the story.

    1. tellyreviews Avatar

      right, certainly the track as shown in the first promo was pointing to your understanding about the story ahead. As of now, Sameer joined army because of thrashing from Bebe, Nimmi & Co, and his realized love for Meher..

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