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Yeh hai Mohabbatein,
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir,
Tumhari Pakhi,
and Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman and Ishita come to the venue to finalize the decorations. Raman asks Richa to make the arrangements the best. Richa says Trisha don’t worry, your engagement will be the talk of the town. They see the decorations designs. Raman chooses the design which Ishita does not like, still he does not change. Simmi fills Mrs. Bhalla’s ears against Ishita and her family. Simmi says they should give us gifts, I think they don’t like Mihir because of Mihika, they are saving money. Parmeet joins hand with Ashok and says thanks for bailing me. Ashok says I bailed you out to get your help against Raman, if you double cross me, then remember I will put you in jail again. Parmeet laughs and says I will help you. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla comes to meet Mrs. Iyer and asks for gifts which Amma declines saying its dowry which is wrong. Ishita and Raman come to them and gifts on Mothers day. Everyone is happy. Ruhi comes and wishes Ishita and gifts Raman to her joining their hands. Raman says Ruhi did you ask me before gifting me. Ruhi says now we can’t take the gift back. Ruhi hugs him and Ishita. Parmeet gets a place in Ashok’s office and is very happy. shok comes to him and asks how did you like your cabin. Ashok says do your work, my company took a new project, its joint venture, majority partner is Raman. He says I want you to head this project. Parmeet says see how Raman comes to apologize to me and you. Someone comes to meet Mihika. Ishita and Amma smile. The guy says I m S Vibhu He says I came to meet Mihika for marriage. Mihika comes and meets him. Mihir gets jealous seeing them. He says yes, we met online on Tamil matrimonial site, I came to meet her from US. Raman says Ishita are you mad, choosing guy from internet. Amma gives shagun to Vibhu. Raman says it looks everything is decided. Vandu says yes. Raman asks about engagement. Vandu says on same day on Mihir’s engagement. Amma says in same hall. Mihir gets upset. Ishita looks at Raman and smiles.



Kabir says dad you will be fine very soon. I used to give him injections to keep him in coma. Kabir says tell me, do I deserve to be in your family. Saras holds him and wipes his tears. Saras says you are my brother, my own blood, you can’t be away from me. Danny calls Ghuman and asks when is she coming. Ghuman says I m busy, shall we meet anywhere alone. Saras says she will play any other game, we should go to police station and complain to get her punished. Kalika comes to meet Ghuman. alika says how could you kill Kabir, he is your step son. Kalika says Kumud, Saras and Kabir have exposed you to Danny. You lost everything in greed, now your game is over, you are ruined. Ghuman cries. Kalika comes home. Yash hands over the divorce papers to her. Kalika says why, you can’t give me divorce, I m your Kalika, beat me, but don’t send me, I will not leave you, I m your wife. Vidyachatur talks to Yash saying marriage can’t break so easily. Saras, Kabir, Danny,Kumud and Kusum come to compliant against Ghuman in the police station. The inspector says it’s a big crime, but I can’t take your complaint. Saras asks why.The inspector asks do you have any proof. Saras says we have a witness, Menka. The inspector says bring her, we will take her statement and issue warrant against Ghuman. They all come home. Kalika shows the divorce papers to them and says Yash wants this, I can’t give him divorce. Kalika asks Saras to explain Yash and stop him from doing this. She requests Kumud to help her. Kumud speaks against Kalika.Everyone support Yash. Kalika signs the divorce papers and leaves in revenge mood. Saras comes to talk to Danny. Saras says I always chose the right path and I also did mistakes, but I did not hurt anyone intentionally. Saras says you are like me, so I know you will choose the right path always. He says this time is tough for you, but your elder brother is with you, we will face this problem together. Danny nods yes.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:


Varad comes office and sees Sid vacating his space. Varad asks him not to go and tahnks him for saving and helping Jyoti. arad thinks I should ask him is his Roshni really Jyoti Taai.He asks Sid about Roshni. Sid says its one sided love story, that chapter is close. Niranjan talks to someone and asks for Abhay’s bail. Shlok hugs Astha and talks to her. Shlok says I m sorry. She asks sorry, why. Shlok says as I was angry when you wanted to celebrate Anjali’s birthday. She asks what are you feeling now. He holds her face and kisses on her forehead. He says I m feeling love for you. He says I trust you more than me. Astha says Anjali you don’t want me to argue for small things, now I will make big mistake. Astha cuts the shoe rack.Niranjan holds the rack and it breaks. Anjali laughs. The shoes fall and Astha arranges them. Niranjan looks at Anjali. Astha says Baba, don’t take tension, I will do this. Shlok’s assistant aunty bores him a lot. Astha calls the carpenter and makes two racks. Anjali says don’t make two. Astha says you have given me this work, so don’t worry. Astha calls her Aai. Anjali says Sasubaai. Astha says Sasubaai left behind, now you are my Aai.Astha takes Shlok into confidence to face Niranjan about shoe rack matter. She calls him and he gets romantic. He says be ready at night, we will go for a romantic candle light dinner. Anjali helps Jyoti in getting up but acts rude. Shlok comes to Astha in the kitchen and hugs her. . Shlok says leave this, go and get ready. She says Mrs. Naik, Niranjan’s friend’s wife came, so I can’t come. She says does anyone romance in kitchen. He says did you not see films, the best place for romance is kitchen. He kisses her. She says anyone will see. He kisses her and says let them see. She says no Shlok. He sees the bhajiya burning and tells her.

Tumhari Pakhi:


Anshuman tries to find Pakhi. She wears a burqa as he gets into the bus searching for her. He gets down the bus. He sees her and runs to talks to her. He says I will not do anything, I can’t live without you, forgive me. He removes her mangalsutra and throws some letters with it. Anshuman picks it and cries shouting Pakhi. Pakhi lands in Delhi. She thinks about Anshuman. Anshuman reads the letters. he wrote about love and how he turned down her feelings but she will always love him. She says characterless is not a word, but a sword which cuts a woman’s respect, now she can’t be with him, she can’t accept this. She says maybe you got incomplete love since childhood, so you did not love anyone, you love your mum a lot, you tried to hate her, don’t know I was there in your fate or not. She says when you could not clear your mum’s name and called her characterless, the mum who gave you birth, then how can I believe you. She writes my heart broke, but still loves you. She says take care and the letter ends. Anshuman cries. Pakhi comes to the agent to stay. Pakhi meets the other girl Deepika Sharma. Pakhi goes to see the house. Anshuman comes home and meets Ayaan. Ayaan asks about Pakhi and calls Maa. Anshuman tells him she did not come, its time he takes care of him and hug him. Ayaan hugs him. Ayaan says she does not love me. Anshuman says no, she loves you, she can’t stay without you, I know she is hurting herself being away from you, she could not forgive me, I did big mistake. Ayaan says if I call her and ask her to come, will she come. Anshuman says yes. Ayaan says I won’t do this, we both are hurt to stay away, but you have bigger pain. Ayaan says Maa will come back for both of us. Anshuman hugs him.

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon:


RK asks Madhu to take the gun and always keep it with her. He says I will teach you how to use it. He shows her how to load the bullets in it and aim. He gives the gun in her hands. Madhu’s hand shakes. He says this will protect you now. He tucks it in her saree and says now you are looking my Rani. Bhanu tells Dau ji that RK is making Madhu do this, as he is making her sit on the head. Agni says she has kicked our Dau ji’s respect. Dau ji says she is our bahu and will come. RK brings Madhu there holding her hand. The pandit starts the mantras. The minister looks on. The pandit asks Madhu to put sindoor on the goat and sacrifice it with the sword. Madhu takes the sword and goes to the goat. Madhu hits somewhere else and cuts the rope. The goat runs. Bhanu says catch the goat. Agni says bad luck, she will ruin our family. Madhu tells Dau ji that guests are Lord, they won’t come back if they get annoyed. Madhu says I saved the animal minister as he has promised everywhere that he will save animals. The minister tells Dau ji that you did some good work, that you got a smart bahu. Madhu dons her ghunghat and does the puja herself. Bhanu brings some men and says see Dau ji what RK did, some men are in hospital. RK says yes, he has held Madhu’s hand, I was killing them, but left. RK argues supporting Madhu. Bhanu says how dare she run from home, ask her why she ran.RK says she did not run anywhere, she went to lake to do the puja. Madhu is shocked. Bhanu says don’t lie to save her. RK says I respect you as you are the son in law, else I would have killed the man who told against my wife.Agni gets angry and talks to Dau ji against RK. She cuts her hand saying she is Dau ji’s blood, not RK. RK comes and teases her. Dau ji says RK is his heir. Agni thinks she will take her rights, even if she has to snatch.


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